While taking a break from a church conference, Sara and her friends stopped by Seal Beach in La Jolla to watch the sunset and admire the sea lions. The Minnesota native, who is going to school in Redding, CA, was wearing a sweet floral button-up shirt and black jeggings.

“I’m pretty comfy casual,” Sara told Go Girl. “I kind of mix it up a lot, but I definitely like the softer look. The bohemian, flowery, free spirit.”

Earrings: Gift
Shirt: American Rag from Macy’s
Cardigan: Borrowed from a friend
Jeggings: American Eagle
Sandals: Nike


Ashley’s favorite thing about her outfit is that the whole thing cost $20, not counting her shoes. She explains that a lot of her clothes are 90s inspired: she tucks in her shirts, she wears a lot of high-waisted jeans, and even rocks high pony tails. She’s a big fan of jumpsuits and balloon pants and sweaters.

“I don’t have a special fashion. If I like it, I grab it!” she laughs.

Cropped sweater: T/O Sweaters at Marshalls
Cropped jeggings: Blue Spice at Marshalls
Shoes: Payless


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Sarah and a few friends came down to Southern California from up north in Redding and decided to stop by the beach to see the sea lions. The Hong Kong-born student was wearing a bright blue floral dress that she had just purchased from Forever 21 when Go Girl saw her enjoying the sunset view.

“We came out for a conference and we’ve never been to San Diego. We thought we’d come out and look at the sea lions, and they’re really fun,” says Sarah, who bought her dress because she “thought this was a cool color.” When it comes to drawing fashion inspiration, she told Go Girl, “I look at magazines and stuff, but mostly I just go out and see what I like and what looks good on me and I buy it.”

Cardigan and shoes: Hong Kong
Dress: Forever 21

Melissa Button distressed leather Frye Boots


Lara’s beautiful distressed leather Frye boots were so cool that we had to interrupt her work and ask her to let us show you! She said she fell in love with Frye boots a while back when she spotted her first pair (a more urban country style) at Macy’s and noticed that they were made in the USA. They quickly became her favorite pair. When she’s not living in her boots, she trades them for a pair of Chacos and heads for the outdoors!

She said of the gorgeous pair that she is wearing today: “Now these are my favorite. I wear them all the time. They’re a little more comfortable than my first ones!”

Boots: Frye



Some magazines will tell you that wearing a nearly head-to-toe look from one store is a fashion faux pas, but Sarah, who describes her style as laid back and casual, managed the look flawlessly. Each of her pieces, with the exception of her dark gray skinny jeans, came from Nordstrom.

“I try to stay somewhat on trend,” says Sarah, a big cat fan who even wore tiny gold cat earrings. ”I look at Taylor Swift a lot. I love her style so much. I also look to Olivia Palermo.”

Jeans: American Eagle
Purse: Michael Kors, from Nordstrom
Shirt, flats, & jewelry: Nordstrom

red Austrian coat, George Gina & Lucy Handbag


Bianca, an exchange student from Germany living in the US for a year, was enjoying some local Seattle coffee. She says she bought her gorgeous coat because she likes the pretty red color, and because everyone else wears black and grey.

“Especially if it’s raining,” she says, “I would like more color. It looks more friendly. I wear it really often and many people speak to me when I wear this coat!”

Red coat: Purchased in Austria
Handbag: George, Gina & Lucy

Red Lips Makeup Trend: tarte glamazon lipstick, Too Faced La Creme Lipstick,  Calvin Klein CK One Lip Gloss,  Laura Geller Love Me Dew Lip Crayon, Laura Geller Color Drenched Lip Gloss, CK One Calvin Klein Pure Color Lipstick


Belle at Ulta didn’t want to be on camera, but she gave us some great advice on how to navigate the emerging makeup trend of red lips. She explained that choosing the right color really depends on your skin tone. For light skin, choose hints of orange or coral. Medium skin should go with hints of pink or cranberry, and darker skin tones can pull off the cool undertones – reds and figs.

How does Belle decide whether red lips are an option for the day? “It depends on how sassy I feel,” she smiled.

Top to bottom, left to right:

Calvin Klein CK One Color Lip Gloss
Too Faced La Creme Color Drenched Lipstick
tarte glamazon Pure Performance 12 hour lipstick
Laura Geller Love Me Dew Moisturizing Lip Crayon
Laura Geller Color Drenched Lip Gloss
CK One Color Pure Color Lipstick




As a secretary, Ciara tries to dress as professionally as she can, but as a soon-to-be mother, she takes comfort into consideration, as well. She says most of the time she bases her outfits on whatever is the easiest to put on.

“Sometimes I look at magazines and I see what they wear and I try to copy it, but there’s not really a particular magazine that I read,” says Ciara, who was wearing a burgundy and black chevron dress and leggings while eating lunch at Starbucks.

Sweater: Papaya
Dress: Kohl’s
Leggings: Sears
Sandals: Burlington Coat Factory



Alicia’s devil-may-care attitude caught our attention as she walked down the beach with some friends. The group was on their way to dinner when we caught up with this dreadlocked Cali girl. Alicia told Go Girl that she’s wanted to do her hair like that for a long time, and two years ago, she made the leap.

“No one has ever touched my dreads,” Alicia told Go Girl. “It’s just me. One day, I just kind of realized myself and that I was going to do what I was going to do regardless of anybody else, and I’ve never been as happy as I am today.”

Abalone necklace: Lia Sophia
Fibonacci Sequence fossil necklace: Handmade from Etsy
Shoes and shirt: 10 Dollar Mall
Leggings: Target


Preschool teacher Brittany makes a colorful statement in a bright rainbow ombre maxi dress. She doesn’t stick to the cookie-cutter fashion that everyone else is wearing! This girl loves to mix it up and tries to wear a lot of color all the time.

“I put this on because it’s a beautiful day, the breeze is going … I like to be colorful and stand out!”

Dress: JC Penney
Watch: Macy’s
Sandals: Target
Necklace: Claire’s
Hat & Vest: Goodwill

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Anna says that if she’s going to spend money on leggings, chances are they won’t be black. She was wearing bright magenta leggings paired with a Rhianna t-shirt and a police baseball hat. The former lacrosse player says she got her hat from an Army Surplus store for last year’s Burning Man and the t-shirt was a from a 2013 Rhianna concert that she attended for her birthday.

“I like bright colors,” Anna told Go Girl while showing off her bright nails. “I like wearing shirts that make me happy. I like representing things that I’ve done.”

Zella Leggings: Nordstrom 
Tee: Rhianna concert
Nail polish: American Apparel 



Rosie and her pooch were taking a breather from their hike when Go Girl caught up with them near the top of Mt. Woodson. A regular hiker, Rosie tends to stick with comfortable clothes like her well-worn shorts that she’s had since high school, but says it’s also important to take style into account.

“I like Lululemon,” she says. “It’s cute. If you’re wearing cute clothes and you’re hiking or working out, it makes you want to work out more often.”

Sports bra: TJ Maxx
Tank top: Target
Shoes and socks: Merrell




While enjoying some sunshine with a friend, Shaffon wore jean shorts, a purple tank top, and rainbow-colored flip-flops. The self-proclaimed shopaholic says when she finds something she likes, she doesn’t hesitate to buy it. In fact, she liked her sandals so much she got them in three different colors. To carry her lunch and drink to the beach, Shaffon used a bright orange bag from Urban Outfitters.

“My style right now is mostly basics with some cute accents,” the Anaheim native told Go Girl. “It’s a little simple. I’m more of a Forever 21 person. I love the fashion.”

Tank top: Forever 21
Bag: Urban Outfitters


We spotted one of our favorite baristas looking amazing out of her green apron! She explained that she is in love with all things fashion – from hip-hop style icons like Rihanna and Beyonce, to a punk rock or a rock & roll vibe, to her long-time love of 70s-inspired looks. We love that everything she’s wearing fits her perfectly and makes her look fresh and stunning!

“Super dressed up, rock & roll, high waisted pants, skinny jeans, ripped jeans, leggings, heels, sneakers. I like it all – it depends on how I feel. I just like variety!”

Military jacket & stretch skinny jeans: H&M
Striped shirt: Ross
Over-the-knee boots: Cathy Jean


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paige denim jeans, OP sunglasses, bandolino boots


We spotted Vanessa in the back corner window of a favorite coffee shop, catching up on work before heading to gym class after a busy errand day. She prefers a casual style, but since she works from home, she makes it a point to get out of her yoga pants and make an effort to look good.

“I used to work office jobs and wore business casual or suits, so now that I work from home, I prefer a more casual style. I make it a point to dress up more when meeting friends for dinner or drinks.”

Jeans: Paige Denim
Sunglasses: OP
Boots: Bandolino
Hat: Target



Jana doesn’t succumb to the nerdy female stereotype sometimes projected onto women who work in the science fields. And while Go Girl loves a good nerd-inspired look (over-sized glasses, anyone?), Jana, who works in a Southern California lab, has a look that’s more cute than quirky. She was wearing a soft, sea-foam green and yellow dress, a beige cardigan, and tan flats while shopping with her sister. She told us that her style inspiration comes from within, not magazines or television.

When asked what she’d call it if she had to put a name on her fashion, Jana said, “Random!”

Dress: PacSun
Shoes: Nordstrom
Sweater: H&M




Aimee’s military-inspired green jacket and brown knee-high boots gave her a bit of a safari feel, but it was her multicolored suede bucket bag in a fun tribal print that drew our eye from across the street.

She told Go Girl that she’s a huge fan of prints, and with neutral, solid colors in her jacket, dark jeans, and boots, her beaded, cross-body bag stood out as her statement piece.

Bag: World Market
Jacket: Therapy
Boots:  Ru LaLa



We did a double take when we saw Christina walking past a row of stores. From afar, it appeared that she had taken a black marker and had written all over her legs. A second look showed that she was wearing gold Ouija Board-printed leggings from Australian company Black Milk Clothing.

“I’m obsessed with them,” Christina told Go Girl. “They have a huge following.”

“I wear leggings a lot — and they’re all like crazy patterns — with big baggy sweaters over them. They’re really, really comfortable. I’ve got peacock feathered ones and ones with the periodic table on them. They’re unique and comfortable.”

We were also fascinated by Christina’s earrings, which she told us she made using vintage buttons from an antique shop glued onto wooden gauges.

Leggings: Black Milk Clothing
Sweater: Urban Outfitters
Combat boots: Boutique



Julia was out shopping with her sister wearing an adorable floral-print dress with a cross-body bag and black ankle boots that she got on sale. To keep the chill at bay, she opted for a cozy cream sweater from UK-based Primark rather than a jacket.

The full-time student says she borrows more clothes from her mother than her sister, which tells us a little something about her mom’s style. Julia told Go Girl that her outfits tends to be “cute and comfortable.” We think she nailed it.

Dress: Topshop
Sweater: Primark
Shoes: PacSun

Coral lace dress, Coach wallet, American Eagle gold sandals


Most days, you’ll find this pretty lady wearing work boots and jeans and driving a semi – a 379 Peterbilt Flatbed – but when she isn’t working on a warm spring day, she says a typical outfit would be a dress and something like these delicate gold sandals. She just did a volunteer fashion show to raise money for a hospital camp, and wore a top in the same coral color; it’s a favorite this spring.

“My favorite thing to wear is white jeans shorts, sandals, a brown belt, and something cute on top,” she explains.

Coral lace dress: Fred Meyer
Gold sandals: American Eagle
Purse: Coach



Michelle casually leaned against a railing while waiting for some friends at a mall. She had just done a bit of shopping while wearing beige peep-toe pumps, a flirty ruffled skirt, a white ribbed tank top, and a navy cardigan and scarf. A wide, dark brown belt helped break up the navy and white.

Michelle, who draws inspiration “from people all around us,” told Go Girl that it’s important to be comfortable and relaxed, but to always remember to wear clothing that compliments your skin tone.

Scarf and sweater: Abercrombie
Tank Top and skirt: Gilly Hicks
Belt: Macy’s
Shoes: DSW


Tracie was running to pick up her kids, but she gave Go Girl a few minutes of her time. We loved her white jeans and the fresh pop of pink in her Big Buddha Bag. She said she found the jeans on Pinterest and just had to have them – they’re so soft, she says, and she loves the zippers. The pink sunglasses are a funny story:

“I’m the Sally Jessie Raphael of sunglasses. Remember? She always had the red glasses? I’m the pink version; I’ve had these for a long time!”

White zippered jeans: Paige
Denim shirt: Bella Dahl
Vegan bag: Big Buddha
Belt: Noonday Collection
Pink sunglasses: Carrera
Shoes: Toms


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Sheena struck us as a no-nonsense sort of woman with a very strong sense of her personal style. Her outfit was minimal, and she wore barely-there makeup and no jewelry, though she did say that when her waist-length hair is up, you’ll usually find her wearing earrings.

“I like clean, classic lines,” Sheena told Go Girl. “I like kind of a mix of Anthropologie and Versace. I like a little bit of flair, too, especially when I go out.”

Cashmere top: Olivaceous
Jeans: Just USA
Kidskin booties: Steve Madden



Alexandra decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and beautiful scenery while waiting for mechanics to change the tire on her car. She sported a casually comfortable look in wide-leg, striped cotton pants, a Coachella t-shirt, and a cozy knit sweater as she killed time.

“I really don’t have a style,” says Alexandra, who gets most of her inspiration from her friends’ closets. “It’s really just whatever I wake up and wear.”

Striped pants: Dreamgirls
Shirt: Coachella
Sandals: O’Neill
Sweater: Forever 21
Bracelets: handmade and gifts