Nordstrom Blazer, Vintage Jewelry


Kaitlyn is moving back to Seattle this weekend from the college town she’s been living in. She loves that everything in her life is totally up in the air right now: she finds it beyond exciting! When asked about her signature style, Kaitlyn told Go Girl she is very much inspired by two things: a fashion diary called Color Me Nana, and her sister Rachael.

“I want to wear outlandish things, but I live in a college town,” Kaitlyn smiled. “I don’t want to be the girl everyone is staring at.”

Blazer: Lush at Nordstrom
Top: frenchi, Nordstrom
Jeggings: Target
Camel wool coat: Forever21
Jewelry: borrowed from Mom – always!



College student Sarah is a criminal justice major, and hopes to someday become an investigator. She loves the idea of helping people that can’t help themselves, and we loved that about her. Style-wise, we absolutely fell in love with the striking combo of her gorgeous red locks and hazel eyes. Sarah told Go Girl that her favorite places to shop are Urban Outfitters and H&M.

“I just wear what I want and I don’t really care if people don’t like it,” Sarah laughs.

Cardigan & Jeans: H&M
Booties: Mix No. 6 at DSW
Belt: Love Culture

Frye Boots, Jones Jeans


Michelle describes her style as bohemian chic, and says that her favorite brands are Free People and Levi’s. Working in the advertising industry, Michelle wears business casual clothing during the work week. On her free time she likes to wear long flowing dresses and fedora hats.

“I grew up going to garage sales with my mom,” she told Go Girl, “I find them interesting because you have the opportunity to learn more about the object you’re buying from the person who’s selling it. You get to know it’s past life, which is especially interesting when it comes to clothes.”

Boots: Frye
Jeans: Jones Jeans
Top: Free People
Leather Jacket: Vintage Adventure Bound by Wilson’s Leather

Hannah No


Go Girl caught Hannah on her way to grab a coffee while on break from her retail job. Hannah is the manager at a store called Katmandu, and travelled all the way to Portland from Wisconsin to help get the company’s second store going. Hannah loves working for a small company that invests in hand-made, fair trade garments.

“When East Indian people come into the store, they say I look like a yogi or shaman,” she told Go Girl, “So I guess that means my style falls into the bohemian category.”

Top & Jewelry: Katmandu Trading Company

Dianna Hn.


Go Girl caught up with New Jersey transplant Dianna on the Porthand State University campus, where she is attending grad school. Her style is classic, and she loves to wear brand names. Dianna’s true passion, however, is music. She teaches kids all about percussion with a studio called RMC Studios.

“I loved learning about music growing up,” she told Go Girl, “The main mission of the studio is to give kids the opportunity to enjoy music.”

Shoes: Platform/Sloan
Jeans: Ann Taylor Loft
Coat: Laundry
Scarf: Banana Republic
Bag: Coach


Celine Go


Celine caught our eye because of her unique leggings. What do you think of them? This recent college grad is working in retail and dreams of a career as an opera singer. Get it girl! Her go-to clothing piece is a blazer, because you can class up any outfit by wearing one.

“My style is usually pretty simple,” she told Go Girl, “so the leather leggings are a bit of a fashion risk for me!”

Leggings & Coat: Nordstrom


Erin Ku


Erin is a super friendly young lady we met on the streets of Portland; we think she is doing a great job of keeping warm, while still looking very put-together and classic! Erin is a jewelry designer, works as a server at a local restaurant, and is a bi-lingual substitute teacher for high school students.

“I really like people,” she told Go Girl, “I like watching the kids I teach get excited about learning.”

Jacket: Tucci
Skirt: Forever 21
Bag: Marshall’s
Tights: Sloan

Jenna Na


According to her friends, Jenna is the life of the party! She’s super social and gets along with everyone. Her style is eclectic, and she likes to mix simple basics with bright colors.  In her free time she like to ride motorcycles, snowboard, and explore new bars and cafes with her friends.

“I think my style is kind of sporty, but with a girly twist,” she told Go Girl. “I like to wear bright colors and be experimental with my hair and nail polish colors.”

Boots: Me Too/DSW
Jeans: Love Culture
Jacket: H&M
Scarf & Bag: Nordstrom

Aldo, JCrew


Kelsie’s style is classic and simple; her friends say she is always dressed to impress and looks great in everything she wears. We caught Kelsie while out shopping at a local mall with her girlfriends. She was a bit camera shy at first, but found her groove and delivered this cute and flirty shot!

“I think it’s important to portray yourself in the best way possible,” she told Go Girl. “That’s why I try to dress well all the time… even when going to the grocery store!”

Boots: Aldo
Top: JCrew
Jacket: Sound and Matter

Nordstrom, Forever 21, HM


This California girl is a student and works at Forever 21 in the Sacramento area. Laura’s style is cute and current, and we’re in love with her polkadot tights and adorable head wrap. Go Girl caught Laura while visiting Portland with her family on her birthday.

“Portland is my favorite city to visit,” she told Go Girl. “My parents are amazing for surprising me with a trip here for my birthday.”

Tights: Forever 21
Jacket: J Crew
Dress: H&M
Headband: Nordstrom

Paige Denim, HM, Marc Jacobs


We found out that Caitlin is a natural in front of the camera because she works as a lifestyle model. Caitlin says her outfit depends on her mood, and that she likes to keep it classy and somewhat professional to counteract her curly hair and nose ring. We love that the plaid pattern is used in both her shirt and Marc Jacobs bag. Way to bring it together, girl!

“Your clothes can say a lot about you,” she told Go Girl, “Your appearance and outfit can play a huge role in how people treat you.”

Jeans: Paige Denim
Top: H&M
Jacket: Columbia Sportswear
Bag: Marc Jacobs


Go Girl, Aritzia, Madewell, Passion Meets Fashion


After studying fashion merchandising in college, Sam is using her style skills working for Adidas as an assistant buyer. Congrats on finding a great job in your field, Sam! It’s easy to see that this beautiful blonde has a great, casual style.

“I guess I’d say that my style is pretty laid back,” she told Go Girl. “I don’t really wear bright colors.”

Sweater & Jacket: Aritzia
Shirt: Madewell


There are many things about Annie that we loved – her smile, her fun-loving personality, and her fun, funky fashion! We caught up with her at a local music festival, and were so happy to learn a bit more about her style and execution.

“I love fashion. I love pulling retro pieces into fun, youthful outfits.”

Jacket: Thrifted
Sunglasses: ShopStyle
Dress: Anthropologie


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Vintage Style | Thrifted Fashion


Go Girl has met a lot of vintage-loving ladies in Portland, but Madelaine takes the cake! Her vintage jacket matches the Go Girl pink can perfectly. Madelaine was flattered to a part of the Passion Meets Fashion blog, and admitted that she’s always hoped a street style photographer would stop her. This thrifty lady’s whole family enjoys thrift shopping. Madelaine’s mother found her coat, and a friend of the family made her dress out of thrifted fabric.

“We are a very thrifty family,” she told Go Girl, “A lot of people shop at thrift stores, but we are really good at it!”

Dress: Made by friend
Coat: Thrifted Vintage


HM, American Apparel, Forever 21, Sephora


Victoria is representing American Apparel, her employer, on the streets of Portland. Go Girl Caught up with Victoria as she was shopping for the perfect New Years Eve dress. This sociology student is originally from Seattle, and says that her style changes depending on her mood. Victoria loves to watch movies on Netfix, specifically horror films.

“I guess I like to be scared,” she told Go Girl.

Boots & Jacket: H&M
Bag: Forever 21
Tights & Dress: American Apparel
Lipstick: Sephora

Stephanie Or


Stephanie is a classic beauty with a timeless style. She says she likes to wear vintage clothes and sport a “classy hippy” look, although she admits that her outfit today isn’t hippy at all. We caught Stephanie on her way to meet up with a friend to talk about her upcoming plans to travel to Australia to be with her boyfriend.

“We’ve been in a long distance for a while now,” she told Go Girl, “I’m ready to move things forward and see how it goes.” Bon Voyage!

Shoes: DSW
Tights: Target
Jacket: Urban Outfitters
Bag: Steve Madden
Dress: Nordstrom




As a Pre-School teacher, Tania has to keep her clothing toned down, but she still has fun… especially off duty! She says that fashion-wise, she likes to blend girly looks with masculine, and loves sheer and lace with muted colors!

“I am inspired by sunshine, going to work, and my family!” Tania told Go Girl.

Jacket & Shirt: H&M
Pants: Forever 21
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Glasses: Ray-Ban
Make-Up: NARS

Michaela Hu.


Michaela describes her style as comfy and casual. We caught her on her way out of the Free People store – one of her favorite brands! Michaela is also a huge fan of Harry Potter, and aspires to write her own fantasy fiction book someday. You can tell that this happy go lucky lady is having a great time! Her favorite place to travel?

“Actually, Portland is one of my favorite places to visit,” she told Go Girl. “I love the weather, people, and architecture.”

Shoes & Jeans: Urban Outfitters
Shirt & Bag: Free People
Jacket: Forever 21




Dalia was spotted by Go Girl while on her break at work at the mall. After going to school for business, Dalia started managing an Aeropostale retail store. Dalia says that what keeps her going in life is becoming a better version of herself!

“I like menswear, and mixing in girlie pieces here and there!”

Shirt: Aeropostale
Leggings: H&M
Shoes: Converse
Watch: Michael Kors



American Apparel, Bun, Converse, Go Girl, Melrose


Jaleka is the epitome of simple, comfortable, and chic. A student of sociology, Jaleka grew up in South Los Angeles.

“My family is what keeps me moving forward, and Kanye West is my fashion inspiration!”

Leggings and Hoodie: American Apparel
Shoes: Converse

Nicole Sh.


Nicole was out shopping when her awesome leather ensemble caught our eye. Originally from Portland, Nicole now lives in San Francisco working for an advertising agency. Her favorite part about her outfit today is her Zara pants… we think she wears them very well!

“I would describe my style as classic with an edgy twist, I think,” she told Go Girl. “I like to mix solid colors with a crazy pattern.”

Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Shirt: Banana Republic
Jacket: Michel Kors
Pants: Zara


Mindy Ha.


Go Girl met Mindy while dining with her friends at a restaurant. Her sparkly top caught our eye. Mindy is a new mom, and former model who knows quite a bit about fashion. She says her style classic but functional. With a nearly one-year old, functional is necessary… but for Mindy, that doesn’t mean wearing sweatsuits all day!

“I definitely think it’s possible to be a fashionable mom,” she told Go Girl, “You just have to be ok with washing your clothes more frequently!”

Jeans: Paige Denim
Top: Nordstrom/Hinge


Riley Ho.


Riley says that some of her favorite pieces are family heirlooms or great vintage finds. A budding documentary filmmaker, Riley is creative in several ways. Her favorite thing about filmmaking is the opportunity to meet interesting people from all over the country.

“I just finished editing a documentary a friend and I shot over the summer,” she told Go Girl. “It’s so much fun to travel and learn about different cultures.”

Boots: Clarks
Skirt: Vintage
Shirt: Uniqlo
Scarf: Anthropologie





Everyone knows it feels great to look great while working out! Go Girl Heather likes to hike in simple, stylish black and neon sneaks. Actually, Heather says she loves black in general for her fashion inspiration.

“I like to mix in all kinds of styles when it comes to how I dress. I like thrifting, and I don’t like to follow any one trend! What motivates me the most in life is becoming a better person, and evolving and growing.”

Tank: Full Tilt
Pants: Target Women
Sunglasses: Venice Boardwalk
Shoes: Nike