Judee Sh


One summer, Judee and her friends made a 36-hour road trip from California to Tennessee. Guess what got them through it? Go Girl Energy Drink. She said the long-lasting energy kick and great taste made the drink something she and her friends go back to when studying late. Judee, a microbiology major, also does breast cancer research — and she does it with great style, too.

“I like clean, structured lines and dark colors” Judee told Go Girl. “I tend to have one point of interest in my outfit instead of everything colliding. I keep it very clean and simple.”

Cardigan: Alfani
Shirt: H&M
Shorts: Gap
Belt: J.C. Penney
Boots: Qupid
Bag: Yellowstone Vintage

Amelia Pa.


Last year, Amelia climbed Mt. Kilamanjaro. Also a long distance runner, staying active is something she’s passionate about. When she’s not doing outdoor activities, Amelia can be found studying business — and dressing the part, too.

“I like wearing clothes that are girly but are also really comfortable,” Amelia told Go Girl. “Femininity and soft, neutral colors, and pastels are important, not bold colors or patterns.”

Cardigan & Dress: Nasty Gal
Boots: Aldo
Socks: Urban Outfitters
Purse: Cuyana

Eden Ts.


Everyday, Eden battles an autoimmune disease, but she never lets it get her down. She’s lively, outgoing, intelligent, and driven. And did we mention stylistically unique? She’s a big fan of making noteworthy first impressions with her earthy, urban aesthetic.

“I have a lot of basics but I love to accessorize,” Eden told Go Girl. “I look for the things that are trending but buy the pieces with the details that set them apart. During the last few years, I’ve really played around with developing my unique style.”

Jacket: Guatemala
T-Shirt: Gap
Jeans: Sway
Boots: Urban Outfitters

Anna-Alexia Ba.


Anna-Alexia is a photographer for Refinery 29, the largest independent fashion and lifestyle magazine in the U.S. Although she can often be found wearing black and neutral tones, donning bright colors and interesting textures to make flirty and fresh looks come to life is second-nature to this Florida-native.

“My style is urban with a touch of the South,” Anna-Alexia told Go Girl. “I still revert back to Miami colors and I’m always wearing sunglasses.”

Sweater: Zara
Dress: L. Madeline
Shoes: Anthem
Sunglasses: Karen Walker

Nicole Co


Nicole is the kind of girl that gets things done. Right now, her main focus is being the youth coordinator for an organization that’s raising money to help typhoon victims in the Philippines. Being busy means being comfortable, but she doesn’t let that affect her youthful, cute style.

“I’m simple and not superfluous,” Nicole told Go Girl. “I don’t wear a lot of accessories that are going to weigh me down. I also walk a lot so I stick to flats and mostly loose clothing. I keep it funky and casual.”

Button-up: Tommy Hilfiger
T-Shirt & Leggings: H&M
Shoes: Steve Madden
Purse: Old Navy

Claire Br.


Claire’s style is as bright as her personality is bubbly. A performing arts student, she’s an avid proponent of expression in multiple forms. She sings, acts, draws, and finds the clothes to back up her extroverted aura.

“I love talking to people,” Claire told Go Girl. “I display my personality in the colors I wear. I’m very in-tune with what’s ‘in’ now. I’m all about the fall season and hipster fashion right now. I also like to wear bold statement pieces.”

Sweater & Dress: Brandi
Socks: American Eagle Outfitters
Shoes: Ross
Bag: Nine West
Coin Purse: Juicy Couture

Lily Ma.


Lily is described by her friend as the sweetest, funniest, most personable girl in school. She’s also an incredibly graceful dancer. Flirty, femme, and 90s-inspired, it’s clear that Lily is a joy to be around.

“I think I’m boho-chic,” Lily told Go Girl. “I’m very tall so it’s hard to find skirts that fit, but I’m totally into the high-waisted trend and floral patterns. I also love tie-die, or sometimes you can even find me dressed like something out of a musical, with suspenders.”

Jacket & Crop Top: PacSun
Skirt & Purse: Forever 21
Shoes: Ross

Coline De.


Even though Coline has to wear all black clothing for work, she mixes it up by combining feminine lace with the gritty, urban edge of a combat boot. This is more or less her personality, too.

“I always wear black even when I’m not at work,” Coline told Go Go. “It’s really easy and classic. You can wear something black and sheer or black and lace and it stills manages to stay low-key and chic. The I like adding something heavier like a sneaker or boot.”

Dress: Zara
Blazer & Purse: H&M
Boots: Steve Madden



Soya, a web design student at a California art school, is originally from China. Her classic, beige, hooded pea coat is right on trend for this fall. It says “soft and serious” without being stuffy and cold.

“My passions are traveling and fashion,” Soya told Go Girl. “And I like staying casual and comfortable.”

Coat: Chinese brand
Leggings: UNIQLO
Shoes: Dr. Martens

Jessica Fi.


Jessica says her style is street-chic and modern. A prospective fashion merchandising student, she hopes to one day make buying and styling for an upscale brand her life’s work.

“I like to be fashionable but comfortable,” Jessica told Go Girl. “I love fashionable sweaters and mostly dark colors with pops of color, geometric lines, and good accessories.”

Sweater & Beanie: Forever 21

Melissa Cr


Melissa’s favorite thing in the world is her 4lb chihuahua named Tito. She’s also passionate about dressing well, a talent she’s always had but refined when she studied fashion merchandising in school.

“Lately, I’ve been leaning towards really classic pieces,” Melissa told Go Girl. “I try to wear things that make me feel confident and comfortable. I don’t want to be tugging or pulling at something all day.”

Dress: Francesca’s
Scarf & Jacket: T.J.Maxx
Shoes: BCBG
Watch: Michael Kors

Lisa As.


Fashion is intuitive for Lisa. She never checks magazines or other resources for trending styles, but manages to pull off fashion-forward looks that will have you turning your head.

“I used to live in Europe so I would say European styles used to be my inspirations,” Lisa told Go Girl. “Now, I just wear what I like. My favorite designers are Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg, and Helmut Lang.”

Jacket, Shoes, & Purse: Marc Jacobs
Shirt: Obey
Pants: Helmut Lang

Patcharin Ho.


Patcharin, from Thailand, accentuates her curves while staying classy and girlish. On her way into the Chanel store, she said all the pieces she was wearing were bought years ago, which means she’s got an eye for timeless items that never go out of style.

“I like all kinds of clothes,” she told Go Girl. “I have my own style that stays true to my own ideas.”

Jacket: Mossimo
Boots: Via Spiga
Purse: Chanel

Katrina Be.


About to graduate with a business administration degree, Katrina says her style is evolving  along with her accomplishments.

“I’m actually in the middle of changing my style,” Katrina told Go Girl. “It’s definitely getting edgier, more simplistic and with sharper lines. I’m growing as a person so I’m trying to express myself more.”

Jacket: Free People
Shirt: Target
Jeans: American Apparel
Scarf & Boots: Nasty Gal

Satamrit Kh


SatAmrit is a one-of-a-kind girl. She grew up in India and has a pet snake named Rasputin. She’s also an artist and her style proves the point.

“My style is sort of hipster, some punk,” SatAmrit told Go Girl. “It depends on if I’m working or going out. I try to play with color and have fun.”

Jacket: dELiA’s
Dress: H&M
Boots: Rock & Candy
Scarf: Urban Outfitters
Socks: Socksmith

Carissa Th


From Indonesia, Carissa says she doesn’t get to wear jackets or beanies. So when the opportunity presents itself, she likes to take full advantage while staying street-chic.

“I like simple, casual clothing,” Carissa, a graphic design student, told Go Girl. “While comfort matter the most to me, I would never look ‘hobo-ish.’”

Beanie: Brian Lichtenberg
Scarf: Ralph Lauren
Top: Intend
Jacket: Lumiere
Jeans: Zara
Boots: Steve Madden

Crystal Mi


While Crystal does much of her shopping at thrift stores, buying quality pieces at department stores is up her alley, too. For this environmental and women’s rights advocate, comfort is key. She must’ve been comfortable even on this rainy day — she was all smiles and cheer.

“I like to shop second-hand as much as possible,” Crystal told Go Girl. “When I do go to other stores I like to buy good pieces. I like wearing things that express my personality.”

Coat: New Star
Scarf: H&M
Pants: Levi’s
Boots: Ross

Stephanie Fr.


This is Stephanie’s weekend morning attire — polished, cross-seasonal, young, and uptown casual. Basking in the sun after having coffee with a friend, she looks fresh and hip, especially with those trending Victorian era-inspired lace-up ankle boots on.

“I think that when you look good, you feel good,” Stephanie told Go Girl. “I’m passionate about humanity, people being treated fairly no matter their race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status.”

Blouse: Express
Blazer: Banana Republic
Pants: J.Lo
Shoes: B.a.i.t.
Purse: Target

Iris Fe.


A fashion merchandising student, it’s no surprise Iris knows how to dress. She say’s her style preference is simple, much like herself. By the looks of things, there’s no doubt she’s classy and refined, too.

“I’m thinking I might change my major to fashion design instead of merchandising,” she told Go Girl. “I’d rather do fashion design and drawing over management. Also, my favorite designer is Jason Woo.”

Top: J.Crew
Sunglasses: Chanel

Jadi Ha.


Mixing edge, urban grit, and city-chic pieces, Jadi, a textile design student, is on her way to becoming a fashion “go-to” herself. When asked what she really likes about herself, she replied with: “My hair.” We agree, too.

“I wear what I like,” Jadie told Go Girl. “It might not look like it right now but I really like the 90s. Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss are my favorites.”

Shirt: Adidas
Jacket: BAPE
Pants & Scarf: American Apparel
Boots: Forfex
Backpack: Prada

Rachel Pr.


Her medium is theater, her motto: “Always look on the bright side.” Rachel’s urban boho-chic style is a mix of old and new sprinkled with light femininity and airy joy.

“I really believe fashion is a form of expressing personality,” Rachel told Go Girl. “I’m an artist so I like things that are artistic and positive, things that would make someone smile.”

Dress: Topshop
Jacket: Mural
Shoes: Steve Madden
Purse: Aldo



It’s takes a lot to get Tiara down. Colorful, adventurous, and always optimistic, her mood stays as bright as her clothing.

“I love prints and color,” Tiara told Go Girl. “I’m pretty much ‘street’ every single day. I’m also very positive and pretty humorous, too.”

Sweater: Urban Outfitters
Jeans: H&M
Beanie: Marc Jacobs



Charmette’s downtown street chic vibe represents the kind of girl she is — bold and outspoken. She’s also likely to throw a splash of uptown into the mix, as seen here with her suede boot.

“I’m very ‘city’,” Charmette told Go Girl. “I like the rugged and urban style but since I work in an office, I try to do business casual with a twist.”

Jacket: Urban Outfitters
T-Shirt: Obey
Jeans & Boots: Nordstrom

Gabby Pe


Gabbie matches her outfit to her mood. And most of the time, that means she’s comfortable and feminine with an edgy twist. Even in darker tones, her cheerful nature comes out in playful details like the studs on her boots and plaid in her pants.

“This outfit conveys that I’m pretty headstrong and sophisticated,” Gabbie told Go Girl. “Putting on a long lapel and trousers makes me feel confident, like I’ve got things together. I also love a little men’s wear in women’s wear.”

Sweater: Ann Taylor
Coat & Bag: Zara
Pants: H&M
Shoes: DSW