Tsering Ts


On her way to the French boutique she works at, Tsering is wearing a functional, fashionable outfit that ties together a few of her favorite stylistic elements.

“I’m easygoing and minimal,” Tserling told Go Girl. “I try not to do too much. I wear a lot of oversized tops and sweaters, and tennis shoes. Although I’m not wearing them today, I also like boyfriend jeans.”

Sweater: H&M
Vest: Forever 21
Skirt: Aqua
Scarf: American Eagle Outfitters
Shoes: Ralph Lauren
Purse: Tory Burch


Michelle Pe


Michelle is an aspiring actress with a knack for performing comedic material. Her style is on the darker side without being heavy and unapproachable. She’s a complex girl, layered and intelligent, but exudes a cheerful personability like no other.

“I’m a standoffish person,” Michelle told Go Girl. “I like subtlety with a little bit of edge, things that show a deeper meaning.”

Blouse & Scarf: Forever 21
Cardigan: J.Crew
Glasses: Prodesign Denmark

Candice Pr


When Candice gets dressed in the morning, she draws inspiration from both inside and outside herself. Her mood and surroundings play large roles in her everyday clothing choices.

“This morning, I was with a friend who was working on an art piece,” Candice told Go Girl. “That inspired me to have a little more fun with my outfit today. It’s a little bohemian but still classic and creative.”

Dress: Urban Outfitters
Jacket: Gap
Hat: Topshop
Shoes: Naturalizer

Nicole Ca


With all the girlish glamour of a notable pin-up girl, Nicole’s fashion “go-to’s” are tailored jackets, feminine dresses, and classic accessories.

“I love cooking, family, and togetherness,” Nicole told Go Girl. “I like throwing a good gathering. Whatever goods I buy, I throw together. That’s kind of how both my style and my cooking are.”

Dress: H&M
Jacket: ELLE
Tights: DSW
Boots: Joan & David
Bag: Coach

Devonique Mu


Chic, fashionable, with a splash of hippy. That’s how Devonique describes her classy, bohemian-esque attire. While she loves earth tones, she’s been known to add pop colors through her favorite accessory, the scarf.

“I believe that what you wear is an outer expression of who you are on the inside,” Devonique told Go Girl. “It expresses your creativity. What we put on shows other people the kind of energy we have.”

Blazer: Sears
Skirt: H&M
Boots: Aldo
Hat: Something Special

Jing Ji


Just because you like math or science, doesn’t mean you can’t showcase an chic, elegant, modern style like JJ. A Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)  graduate, JJ’s interests include engineering, literary fiction and, you guessed it, fashion.

“Everyone at MIT wore t-shirts all the time — not fashionable,” JJ told Go Girl. “There’s a stereotype that girls that study engineering and science are nerds and unattractive. Being dressed up is a statement that women can be brainy without being sloppy.”

Jacket: Theory
Blouse: Express
Skirt: American Eagle Outfitters
Tights: Wolford
Shoes: Dolce Vita

Rada Ga


Rada, a sales associate at a vintage thrift store, is the perfect combination of rock n roll meets hippy. It goes without saying — she’s always comfortable.

“My personal style is a fusion of vintage and good contemporary pieces,” Rada told Go Girl. “I like pop colors but sedated colors and stretch cotton, too. I combine vintage pieces with basics from the mall.”

Jacket: Military Vintage
Sweater: Free People
Leggings: H&M
Boots: DSW

Ashlee Ho


When Ashlee isn’t studying bioengineering at UC Berkeley, she’s doing fun, quirky, “not too serious” things to balance out her life. Claiming she’s always late for her classes, she throws on casual, cozy things like dresses and sweaters to get out the door.

“I like things that are kind of fun but don’t overdo it,” Ashlee told Go Girl. “What I’m wearing is warm and comfortable but still cute. My hair, too. It’s fun to do in the morning but it’s also casual which means I don’t have to put a lot of work into it.”

Sweater: Timing
Dress: Poetry Clothing
Boots: Kohl’s

Jessica Po


Jessica, an arts devotee, loves anything black and retro to match who she is on the inside — undeniably classic.

“I love accessories,” Jessica told Go Girl. “I’m also really ‘go with the flow’ and giggly.”

Crop Top: American Apparel
Dress: This Side of The Moon
Bag: Mark Cross
Necklace: Flea Market

Arlene Ma


Originally from Mexico, Arlene likes to bring out an airy easiness in her clothes. She stays busy studying psychology and developing her number one hobby: photography.

“I wear things that make me feel comfortable,” Arlene told Go Girl. “I like loose things, and patterns. I don’t do color blocking.”

Jacket: Highway Jeans
Jumper: thrift shop
Sunglasses: Hugo Boss

Aimee Sa


Aimee, a multitalented musician, nails the 90s era spot on. This quirky, silly, and approachable girl is also (get ready for it) — allergic to bananas.

“I love the 90s,” Aimee told Go Girl. “At this point, I’ve been wearing the same attire for like, 15 years. I love quality retro pieces, too. I have a bunch of thrifty stuff but I also have retro Versace, Armani, and Prada.”

Jacket: Levi’s
Dress: Caviar Dreams
Shoes: Peter Kaiser
Purse: Donna Karan

Jaimee Ga


Styling a successful look from head to toe comes second nature to Jaimee, a costume design student at a California art school. The people around her often tell her this, too. She describes her style as an evolving process, changing constantly and always staying fresh.

“I try to get the new trends while staying as vintage-inspired and unique as I can,” Jaimee told Go Girl. “I also like the nautical look, so I try and mix that in.”

Top, Shorts, & Bag: Forever 21
Necklace: H&M
Shoes: Target

Regan Br


Regan is studying to go to law school to learn about nonprofit law. Because the entrance exam is no laughing matter, stressing about what to wear is the last thing on her mind. But she still manages to pull of a cool aesthetic that shows off femme sass with a hint of punk.

“I like to dress relaxed because I like to be relaxed,” Regan told Go Girl. “I like casual looks that aren’t trying too hard. I think fashion should be about the comfort you have with who you are.”

Shirt & Sweater: Forever 21
Jeans: Ross
Shoes: Converse
Bag: Steve Madden

Tatiana Go


Fashion doesn’t have to be complicated for it to look polished. Tatiana, a lover of American independent cinema, proves this point. Her signature fashion forte is having multiple foundation pieces at her disposal.

“I have a lot of basics in my closet,” Tatiana told Go Girl. “Those versatile pieces that you can dress up or down. Overall, I’m pretty casual with a bit of edge. I love fashion.”

Jacket: JasyBTruck
Dress: Forever 21
Tights & Boots: BCBGeneration
Purse: Kate Spade

Marianne Gr


Born in Los Angeles, raised in Peru, and most recently from Miami, Marianne, a textile design master’s degree candidate, never underestimates the value of accessories. To her, they can make or break any look.

“Accessories show your personality,” Marianne told Go Girl. “I wear rings and necklaces everyday of my life. You can change your shoes, handbag, or jewelry and it can change the whole outfit.”

Sweater, Leggings, & Hat: Forever 21
Shoes: Steve Madden
Purse: Rebecca Minkoff

Nove Ut


Special details are what make clothes beautiful to Novi. She’s a third year fashion design student and although she likes a polished business casual look, a piece must embody an uncommon flare for her to love it.

“I like a polite, classic style,” Novi told Go Girl, “that’s why I wear blazers. But it has to have a unique design. I also look at the quality of the garment because I really like tailored clothes. They sculpt your body.”

Top & Pants: Zara
Sleeveless Blazer: BCBG
Bag: Prada
Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo

Bre So


You’d never know it by looking at her, but Bre claims she is the most awkward person she knows. You might find her scribbling poetry on napkins, dressed in airy pieces that radiate comfort and class with a bit of edge.

“I love really loose, flowy pieces,” Bre told Go Girl. “Growing up, I moved around a lot, so I like to have bits of everything with me to feel comfortable and easygoing.”

Shirt: DeMasqe
Jeans: Guess
Jacket: thrift store
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Purse: Michael Kors

Rino Og


Rino, an au pair located in Seattle, loves watching the little girl she’s in charge of. Taking advantage of her time in the U.S., she’s doing lots of traveling around — and looking trendy and fresh while doing it.

“In Japan,” Rino told Go Girl, “I wear different clothes, brighter colors. Here, I wear lots of black and gray because that’s more what people wear here. It’s really chic, though.”

Sweater & Boots: Forever 21
Shorts & Purse: Japanese brand

Hollie Co


Hollie, a New Mexico-native, is a marketing director for a solar company and loves art and archeology. Her personal style mixes together bohemian and Southwestern elements to complete her “free spirit” aesthetic.

“I march to the beat of my own drum,” Hollie told Go Girl. “I feel my fashion reflects that. It’s different everyday, depending on my mood, but I always love adding big, chunky turquoise and silver, or leather fringe to things.”

Outfit: Target
Sunglasses: Forever 21

Flor Kh


Flor, who also goes by “Flower,” is an effervescent beauty with a knack for creating. Whether it’s putting together a flawless look or writing a fearless poem, she’ll do it with a distinctive artistry all her own.

“I’m a poet,” Flor told Go Girl. “I write often. That’s my biggest passion right now, exploring that facet of myself.”

Shirt: Buffalo Exchange
Skirt: American Apparel
Blazer: Zara
Shoes: Buffalo Exchange

Joyce Hu


Joyce’s style is simple and chic; practical, yet fashion-forward. A fashion design student, she finds that basic t-shirt and jean combos work better than dresses or complicated ensembles, considering the hands-on designing she does for school.

“I wanted to do something different,” Joyce told Go Girl. “My parents didn’t like that I wanted to study fashion because they think I won’t end up making a lot of money. But I can’t help it, I love fashion.”

Sweater: Zara
Shirt: Forever 21
Coat: Club Monaco
Pants: Chinese brand
Shoes: Charlotte Olympia
Sunglasses: Chanel

Natalie Wo


Youthful, modest, soft, simple. Natalie, a child and adolescent development major in college, embodies all those qualities and lets them shine through in her casual clothing choices.

“My style is warm, cozy, laid-back, and chill. That’s how I am, too.” Natalie told Go Girl.

Sweater: Nordstrom
Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Boots: Roxy

Melony Da


Melanie, an architecture student and lover of all things “artsy,” is what you would call an interdisciplinary woman. She’s trilingual, knows how to fence, and makes a casual-glam style look effortless.

“Today, I threw a bunch of loose pieces together,” Melanie told Go Girl, “but I also wanted to be flirty and fun. That’s why I have this tight dress underneath. And I didn’t want to show too much skin either, so I put tall boots on.”

Dress: American Apparel
Jacket: Zara
Boots: Lavorazione
Bag: Marc Jacobs
Glasses: Ray-Ban

Margaux We


Ever known anyone baptized in the Vatican? Margaux, a media, marketing, and communications associate, sure was! Since then, she’s developed a 1950s vintage-inspired style, which means color blocking, full skirts, and feminine silhouettes are her go-to’s.

“The concept of going outside in sweatpants is not something I would ever do,” Margaux told Go Girl. “Having my face on and being presentable is instilled in me. Fashion and aesthetics are how I express myself.”

Skirt, Shoes, & Glasses: H&M
Blazer: Sterling Cooper