Jamie Ji


This is Jamie’s interview attire — professional, clean, and totally hireable. A web designer in the office and a fashion-follower outside, she makes business casual look easy.

“I like to have one focus point on my body,” Jamie told Go Girl. “The pattern on my shirt is complicated and the jacket I covered it with is a simple, solid color.”

Shirt & Coat: Forever 21
Pants: Gap
Purse: Kate Spade

Jacqui De


Jacqui, a user experience designer, loves making people’s lives easier. She’s personable, approachable, and has an easy energy about her that makes her company comfortable. That’s the attitude that shines through in her clothes, too.

“I like patterns, layers, textures,” Jacqui told Go Girl. “Mixing them together is fun for me. I say go for it. I try not to take myself too seriously.”

Dress: Everly
Shoes: Keds 
Sunglasses: Nordstrom
Bag: Pendleton Woolen Mills

Kelly Jo


Mixing a military-style jacket with a full-skirted dress, Kelly knows how to layer tough-girl edge with playful sass. This Southeast Asian studies major is graduating soon, and planning to write a fantasy novel when she’s done with school.

“I like showing who I am,” Kelly told Go Girl. “I’m feminine, but I also don’t like to be messed with. As a woman, I like being able to communicate that through my style.”

Dress: ModCloth
Jacket: Free People
Shoes: Timberland

Kelsey Na


A lover of the outdoors, Kelsey also enjoys getting buried in 19th-century postmodern philosophy books. Her style transcends time periods, too, as evidenced by this white lace flapper dress.

“My style is indie-rocker with a little bit of glam, and always vintage-inspired,” Kelsey told Go Girl. “I always try to match what I’m feeling when I wake up with an appropriate look.”

Dress: ASTR
Shoes: Clarks

Michele Bi


This California girl keeps her clothing relaxed and comfortable while still accentuating her curves. Michele is also inspired by Japanese street fashion, and has a lot to say about it.

“I really like anything kawaii,” she told Go Girl. “I try to mix it with tones for the season. I like to be fun and challenge what American street fashion looks like, to bring it towards more of the Eastern harajuku-style.”

Shoes: Juju Jellies
Pullover, Shorts, Socks, & Tights: American Apparel

Angie Gr


There’s nothing about Angie that isn’t friendly and playful, and her light energy and approachable presence easily match her style.

“I’m a very positive, bubbly person,” Angie told Go Girl. “So, I like to bring that out. I mix-and-match different colors and patterns. Anytime I get a chance, I bring out the summer wear, too.”

Skirt: Nordstrom
Shirt: X Generation
Bag: Wasteland

Laine Zi


Laine, a photography student, makes style choices that will intentionally get noticed. A big fan of human interaction, she loves referring people to her favorite boutiques, talking about her fashion influences, and learning about different things.

“The clothes I wear are very expressive,” Laine told Go Girl. “I’m a very outgoing person. I’m passionate about a lot of things, too. The past two years, I’ve lived in four different states, so I like to move around and meet new people, learn about different cultures. It makes you a more well-rounded person.”

Shirt & Scarf: Urban Outfitters
Shorts & Shoes: H&M
Jacket: Madden Girl
Tights: ASOS

Tiarra Kn


Repping a colorful bag with “Peace” written on it, Tiarra stays cute and casual as she rides her bike around with a smile. Because she stays mobile, this teaching artist needs her clothes to maintain practicality — but never without creative twists.

“I’m a teaching artist,” Tiarra told Go Girl. “I do enrichment with kids, so I like to call myself an experienced creator. I teach them how to be innovators, how to think outside the box, and be determined and courageous with any challenges they may have.”

Sweater: Collage
Jeans: Sway
Shoes: Vans
Bag: Macy’s

Villya Ya


Villya is no stranger to high fashion. She wears only the classiest brands and is unapologetic about it. Originally from China, she traveled to the U.S. three months ago to study fashion design at a California art school, and is enjoying it immensely.

“I love shopping,” Villya told Go Girl. “I’m studying fashion so that one day I can create my own clothes, and start my own brand.”

Coat: Chanel
Purse: Prada
Glasses: Armani

Emily McE


Originally from NYC, Emily definitely embodies an East Coast vibe. With a commanding yet relatable presence, she describes herself as passionate about a great many things: family, friends, dance, writing, film — and fashion.

“I actually have a background in fashion,” Emily told Go Girl. “I gravitate towards strong female looks like leather, and jean and t-shirt combos. I feel like I wear stuff I can’t vocalize through words. When I want to be a certain character, feel stronger or more empowered, it’s about looking the part.”

Hat: Billabong
Jacket: Diane Von Furstenberg
Pants: vintage APC
Shoes: Isabel Marant

Alyah Ba.


Alyah, the co-owner of a stylish, socially and environmentally conscious boutique, is an avid supporter of self-expression. Her personal style is eclectic, the major influences being 80s dancewear, grunge punk, New England prep, and urban hip-hop with a sprinkle of ballerina. When Alyah wakes up in the morning, she checks in with herself about what feels inspiring — then dresses the part.

“Self-expression is what I’ve been meditating on for the last couple of years,” Alyah told Go Girl. “Dancing and fashion are my two primary forms of self-expression, two sides of the same coin. You can try on different emotions and personalities through them, and outwardly communicate who you are on any given day through what you put on.”

Knit Hat: Show and Tell
Shirt: Aritzia
Skirt: Gap
Shoes: Nine West
Necklace: Crown Nine

Lauren Bu.


With a knack for combining old things with new ones, Lauren, a hairstylist for six years, weaves together splashes of feminine sass and demure refinement.

“When I dress, it’s a little like organized chaos,” Lauren told Go Girl, smiling. “I like to take old, textured things and put them with something nice and polished, so it’s the best of both worlds. In regards to my internal nature, I appreciate all walks of life and try to represent that.”

Shoes: gifted
Dress: Forever 21
Coat: Haight St.
Necklace: vintage store

Kyoko Hu.


Kyoko, originally from Japan, has been in the U.S. for 15 years. There’s nothing more important to her than taking care of her 11-year-old son. Being a mom means dressing practically, which Kyoko does, but she also pulls off a style that’s flirtatious and sleek at the same time.

“I like being casual, comfortable, and warm,” Kyoko told GoGirl, “but still sexy, for sure.”

Boots: Sheik
Sweater & Purse: Forever 21

Natalie Ji


Even without her cup of coffee, Natalie’s energy and spirit shine through her bold clothing choices. Shying away from the typical hues of fall attire, she gravitates towards pops of color, contrasting patterns and textures, and fearless shapes.

“I like colors, mixing and matching, and casual style,” she told GoGirl on her way to art class. “Anything fun and interesting.”

Jacket: Kenzo
Shirt: Céline
Shoes: Marni

Alicia Ba


Self care. It’s something we should all make more space for between busy work and school schedules. Alicia, a hair stylist with an affinity for anything punk rock chic, has absolutely no problem setting aside time for a well-deserved grooming session. Take note from this easygoing yet particular fan of clothes that are simultaneously grungy and posh.

“Honestly, I could spend hours playing make-up, doing manicures and pedicures, taking a bath,” said Alicia to Go Girl. “Leave me at home with a bottle of wine and skin care products and I’ll have a good day.”

Dress: thrift store
Bag: Urban Outfitters

Perri Gu


Have you ever seen a tabloid photo of Sienna Miller on her day off and thought she looked stylish, yet comfortable? That’s how Perri described her polished-but-cozy style to Go Girl. Born in England and raised in California, this personable ex-ballerina sells advertising at Yelp — and loves it.

“I’m passionate about connecting with people,” Perri told Go Girl. “I get to talk to people everyday at my job. I like to make others feel comfortable so it’s important for me to be approachable.”

Sweater: Macy’s
Shirt: Forever 21
Leggings: Express
Necklace: ModCloth
Boots: Target

Courtney Ri


Believe it or not, Courtney got dressed in five minutes the day she donned this girlish attire. Hanging on to Autumn’s last sun rays before a chilly winter, this toy store sales associate will use any reason to sport a vintage-looking, feminine dress. As Go Girl was interviewing her, two total strangers complimented her on this one — no surprise there!

“There’s a spirit to dresses,” Courtney told Go Girl. “What you wear on the outside impacts how you feel on a day-to-day basis. I feel better and more productive when I have a cute dress on to go outside. I’d never leave the house in sweats.”

Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Martino 

Daisy Do


Daisy is the kind of woman that gets things done. As a case manager at a busy nonprofit, you can find her running around the city making a difference in people’s lives. That means, she emphasizes, that she forgoes wearing shiny blouses and unsupported flats for more functional attire. But between riding her bike to and from work, to getting her master’s degree in human rights education, Daisy has no problem keeping her casual aesthetic cute, too.

“I’m riding through hills so my clothes have to be practical,” shared Daisy. “I love my sneakers because I do tons of home visits. I’m in the community a lot and this is what makes me feel happy, comfortable, and safe.”

Shirt & Sweater: hand-me-downs
Pants: Levi’s
Shoes: Asics

Rani Ba


One look at Rani and anyone would guess this youthful beauty to be an artist of sorts. A painter at heart, Rani’s found herself doing fashion merchandising instead because, she says, wearable art is more compelling. Picture the intelligent sophistication of Diane Keaton meets the edgy sass of British fashion model Agyness Deyn — that’s Rani’s style.

“I don’t mind being feminine but I don’t like looking sugary or sweet. I like strong silhouettes and interesting textures. That’s why I love the fashion world, because it’s a world of freedom with no need to sugarcoat things,” Rani matter-of-factly told Go Girl.

Shirt: owned since age 14
Skirt & Hat: Weston Wear
Shoes: re-souL

Dian Sa


Surprising as it may seem, this is Dian on a “casual” day. For this recent art school graduate, fashion is her “work” and “play,” and she’s got an outfit for all occasions. A sales associate at a trendy San Francisco boutique, Dian is also a proud Capricorn, the zodiac sign most noted for practicality, a quality she mixes well with her playfulness.

“How I dress depends on how I feel, whether it’s girly or punk,” Dian told Go Girl. “Today, I wanted to be really comfortable but I usually love dressing up, especially for work. Lately, I’ve been really into grungy stuff — it’s all back to the ‘90s and I’m loving it.”

Sweater & Pants: Weston Wear
Shoes: Y.R.U.
Glasses: vintage, thrift store

Lily At


“Every day I wake up and I look to my son to find meaning, passion, and purpose. But it doesn’t stop there. My passion also comes from deep inside my being– my desire to excel, to create, and to do something important for my family and friends. I want to be the best mom, sister, partner, and friend so I set out every single day to make that possible!

You’ve caught me on a great day. I am wearing some of my favorite clothes and toting around my favorite purse! It’s wonderful to wake up in the morning and put on an outfit that makes you feel confident. Even though I work from home, I make a point to get dressed every single day. It helps me stay focused and motivated throughout the day.”

Jeans: AG
Shirt: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Purse: Gucci
Shoes: Elaine Turner

Mo Sp.


“I study advertising at Academy of Art and I am passionate about fashion.”

What made you choose to study advertising over fashion?

“I felt that advertising involves more creative thinking.”

Shoes: Doc Martins
Purse: Aldo

Tapanan Ko.


“I am visiting from Thailand, and am here to learn English. I love to just hangout, and also love to travel and visit new places whenever I can make the time.”

Jeans: Nudie
Sweater: Forever 21
Glasses: Ray Ban

Anna Kr.


“My passion is ceramics. I am a ceramics artist. I appreciate design and craftsmanship; you can see my work here.”

Shirt: Gap
Jeans: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Nike
Purse: Reliquary