From her funky hair to her numerous tattoos to her multi-colored toe nails, Lyndsey’s personal style is so intense that it bursts from every part of her. The full-time mom and part-time Bath & Body Works employee showcases her favorite colors — hot pink and purple — proudly in her hair and eye makeup. She also flaunted two matching week-old tattoos of pink bows with blue hearts on the backs of her calves.

“I love tattoos,” says Lyndsey, who said her style and personality are “definitely colorful, fun, creative. I try to be somewhat edgy, but girly. I’m big-time girly. I love my hair. It makes me happy. I like to match my makeup to my hair.”

Necklace, earrings: Claire’s
Shirt: Pink Zone
Sandals: Target



We actually do admit to chasing Sami down in the parking lot as she was getting into her car! We had to talk about her pretty, sunny blonde curls. She told us she was headed to meet a date, so she wanted to dress cute but still keep it casual. She’s a hairdresser; she recently cut her long hair into a pixie style when a coworker convinced her that she has a perfect face for short hair (we agree!).

“Less is more,” she says. “The beachy, on-the-go look is super popular. It’s all about the short haircuts, definitely. It’s all about the wash-and-go!”

Tank top: Pac Sun
Denim shirt: Forever 21
Bag: H&M

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We caught up with Kaylie having coffee with a friend. She dressed up today because she knew it was going to be nice out! She’s a college soccer player, so she says she’s typically the more girly one of her friends!

“I love wearing maxi dresses in the spring, because it’s so easy to put on and look cute. I don’t always dress up. It just depends on the day and my mood.”

Maxi dress: Charlotte Russe
Jacket: Forever 21
Bag: Calvin Klein

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Chances are good that if you run into Paige, she’ll be wearing a piece of turquoise. She told Go Girl that her mother brings her turquoise jewelry from all over the country. Her necklace, she says, is from a store in Lake Arrowhead about two hours north of San Diego.

Paige says she used to look at a lot of blogs for her style inspiration but now, “it’s kind of nice just to do my own thing.”

“I like to wear baggy clothes. That’s all I like to wear. It’s not that I’m uncomfortable with my body, it’s just that I like the way it looks. I’ve got smaller legs, so doing baggier on top is what I feel most comfortable in.”

Turquoise necklace: gift
Rings: Tiffany & Co and Dreamgirls
Boots, sweater, cut-off shorts: Dreamsgirls



While strolling through Ocean Beach, Go Girl heard so much about Dreamgirls boutique that we just had to stop in and check it out for ourselves. While there, we ran into Audrey, who was wearing some super cute floral shorts paired with an electric blue knit shirt and ankle boots.

“I try to dress for comfort because I work long days,” the Dreamgirls employee told Go Girl. “Fashion is something that is just fun and something that makes you unique.”

Shirt: Dreamgirls 
Vintage shorts: Buffalo Exchange
Shoes: Ross
Necklace: Forever 21

Eddie Bauer boot cut jeans, Flannel, Vintage


Taking a break between her two jobs, Allia explains that she adapts her style to fit her changing environment. At one job, her look needs to be fresh and stylish and fun; at the other, she wears jeans and a white shirt. Her outfit was adapted today by adding a flannel over the top and a pair of simple silver hoop earrings. She loves to mix thrift store finds with new pieces to create her particular pretty, fresh look.

“Thrift stores are the best,” she confided.

Tee & Flannel: Old Navy
Boot cut jeans: Eddie Bauer
Bag: JCPenney



Spunky, creative, and with an easy laugh, Amanda worked as a tattoo artist and a makeup artist while working toward a contemporary literature and creative writing degree. Her tattoo is a result of her senior dissertation, which quotes Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven. With that, and the style of the retail shop she’s working in, you’d expect her to have an edgier look, maybe featuring a lot of black, but she says she sticks to softer colors, flowy fabrics, and a more Bohemian vibe.

She changes her style to suit the atmosphere of the store she works in, though. “It’s nice to explore, to get into different realms of fashion,” she told Go Girl.

Cardigan sweater: BKE Boutique by Buckle
Basic cami: Maurices
Ultra high-waist jeggings: Garage
Half suede booties: Express
Handmade organic oak plugs: Etsy



Jaimie fit in perfectly with the laid-back scene at Ocean Beach as she rode her Beach Cruiser around while wearing shades, a handmade beanie, and flip-flops — which come with a back story. While in Brazil, Jaimie lost her sandals, but as fate would have it, she found a pair of bright yellow flip-flops looking for an owner.

When Go Girl asked her to describe her style, the answer came as no surprise. “It’s comfortable, always,” Jaimie says. “It has to be, because if not, then I’m upset the whole time. I just don’t feel like I look good if I’m not comfortable. I’m a very active person, so it’s got to be comfortable.”

Handmade beanie and bike: Borrowed from her cousin
Sweatshirt: H&M


We love a company, much like Go Girl, that has a great vision and a mission! When Makayla told us about her bag, made by Better Life Bags, we were so excited. The company offers exceptionally cool design-your-own handbags and accessories, while hiring women who cannot otherwise find work, teaching them a craft. They’re so cute, too! We want one!

“I love my bag, which I found on Pinterest. I chose the leather, the pretty striped inside, and check out the floral print!”

Blue dress: Anthropologie
Custom handbag: Better Life Bags
Jean jacket: H&M

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Carlynnea says her look is all about balance. She looks for a statement piece and makes sure any accessories are a little more toned down. Her full-length, leopard-print dress was paired with simple sandals and she chose to forgo any jewelry.

“I love the prints,” says Carlynnea, who noted that because she did a smoky eye, she decided on pale, dewy lips and simple foundation. “I love more out-there clothing.”

Dress: Toda Moda
Sandals: Guess



Essence was on her way to have a beach picnic, complete with fresh squash and sandwiches, when Go Girl ran into her and her boyfriend Joe. A former high school cheerleader, Essence credits running, the gym, and hiking as the reasons she’s able to wear the same pair or shorts she wore in the 8th grade.

“We made it a point when we got together to just be active with each other,” says the journalism major, who wore a denim-colored, button-up chambray shirt, dark khaki shorts, and brown knee-high boots. “I’m making it a point to try to eat healthy.”

Crystal necklace: gift
Shirt: Target
Tank top: Forever 21
Shorts: Ross


Quickest interview ever! Alicia was more than happy to share her style tips, but little Kennedy had other plans! Mom looked amazing – that striped lululemon Vinyasa scarf caught our eye – and she explained that it’s a statement piece, but comfortable and versatile, as well, which is perfect for her style.

Scarf: lululemon
Jacket: The Limited
Jeggings: DKNY
Top: H&M
Boots: Kenneth Cole

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The love was clear as day as Go Girl spotted Lauren and her boyfriend wandering around an open-air mall in Southern California. The duo was celebrating a much-deserved day off together, as Lauren’s job sometimes prevents her spending time with her significant other.

“I’m really laid back,” says Lauren who paired a long, brown, fringed skirt with a black printed tee, a blue and black lumberjack shirt, and flip flops. “I’m kind of hippy. If it’s comfortable, then I wear it.”

Shirt and button-up: Tilly’s
Skirt: Walmart


We met Merry at Top Pot writing in a notebook, sitting in the sunshine, waiting for her husband of 3 years for date night. They weren’t exactly sure of the evening’s plans, but they gave us a few minutes to talk about her style! She described her style as “classy eclectic, not crazy bohemian.” Her favorite store? Urban Outfitters, but she loves to find thrift shop awesomeness like the sweater she’s wearing here and put looks together to fit that vibe.

We asked her adorable husband how he would describe her style: “I’m the wrong guy to ask – I don’t know all the vocabulary. I just know she’s beautiful.”

Sweater: Goodwill
Earrings: Target


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Go Girl caught Veerprit while she was exploring the beach with her brother, who’s visiting San Diego from Canada. While sightseeing, she traded in casual wear for workout attire.

“We’re being active,” says Veerprit, who’s always participated in sports. “You have to be healthy to live a long life. My parents have always been active. We’ve always played sports. If we’re not active, it just feels wrong.”

Capris: Lululemon
Shoes: Nike Free Runners
Shirt: from the Run or Dye 5k


Meredith describes her style as “college student” – on campus it’s big sweaters, leggings, and boots for her, but when she’s not at school, she is always one to follow trends. She gets a lot of inspiration from video blogs – or “vlogs” – and her top two are Miss Glamorazzi and Makeup by Tiffany D.

“I’m excited now because it’s spring, which means brighter lipsticks. Another favorite trend is tiny winged eyeliner, which I’m still trying to get the hang of!”

Military/leather sleeved jacket: Forever 21
Skinnies & long sleeved striped tee: Eddie Bauer
Red shoes: Toms
Handbag: Steve Madden

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We met Maya while hiking in San Diego. Her bright, cheerful outfit caught our eye and Go Girl just had to stop her to find out more about her style. We learned that Maya is an avid rock climber, an artist, and a student.

“My style is actually hard to explain — just kind of form meets function,” says Maya who gets inspiration from figures like Frida Kahlo, native American styles, and Pinterest. “I like vintage pieces and things that I can spontaneously go on hikes in, but are still cute. I love color. I love embroidery. I love things from different countries.”

“I just got these Birkenstocks, and I’m so excited about them. I’m actually a rock climber and all my friends on the rock climbing team have them and I was the only one without them. They’re just so comfortable.”

Scarf: Forever 21
Shirt: Thrifted from Buffalo Exchange
Shorts: Pink Zone
Bracelets: Mexico and Venice
Sunglasses: Ray Ban


Angela C has picked up many fun and interesting items on her travels and in boutique stores in the Seattle area. She found this cool fringed vest in Laguna Beach, CA, and her necklaces are imported from Paris by two sisters who run a store in Dallas.

We loved her short, free hairstyle: “I used to have long hair – down to my butt, actually – and it feels good, but do you know what? Most people, especially other women, are nicer to women with short hair!”

Fringed vest, carnelian/sterling ring, belt, necklaces: Boutiques around the country
Long sleeved shirt: Nordstrom
Jeans: Hudson
Watch: Rolex
Boots: Born

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Edgy looks and gothic trends make regular appearances in Nicole’s wardrobe, but she says regardless of her style, she always appears respectable. Her loose curls, bold heart necklace, lace dress, and knee-high socks created a girly look, and she says she likes designers like Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors.

“I think I try to look ladylike, but at the same time modern,” says Nicole who has an Instagram dedicated to makeup.

Necklace: Juicy Couture
Jacket: H&M
Boots and dress: Forever 21
Socks: Kohl’s


Jessie has a one-year-old and just graduated from the diaper bag to her Michael Kors bag. She wandered into the toy store after a salon appointment on orders from her husband to go do something fun and not kid-related. She just cut her hair not too long ago, from below her shoulders to this fun, punky style.

“I love it. It’s just so much easier to look put together when I’m running out the door. I can throw my hair up in a ponytail if it’s long, but it looks messy. Now I just throw in some Redken Rewind and just mess it up and go.”

Top and basic black tank: Nordstrom Rack
Belt: Forever 21
Basic leggings: Ross
Boots: Journeys
Bag: Michael Kors

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marc jacobs leather jacket, paige skinny jeans, sam edelman leather booties, vince camuto tee, danielle nicole handbag, urban outfitters bracelet, michael kors sunglasses


We found Jenny sitting outside with a friend, enjoying her afternoon in the sunshine. She says she goes for more of a classic style and then adds her own twist with fun accessories, like the ring she’s wearing: a gift from her parents, which is inscribed with her favorite bible verse. Her favorite places to shop are J. Crew and Urban Outfitters, which she says don’t automatically seem to go together, but she likes to figure out her own style that way.

“Simple is best. Find a color you look good in and work with that. There are not a lot of rules!”

Leather jacket: Marc Jacobs
Skinny jeans: Paige
Leather shoes: Sam Edelman
Tee: Vince Camuto
Handbag: Danielle Nicole
Bracelet: Urban Outfitters
Shades: Michael Kors




Isabella raided her mom’s closet when she picked our her blouse. She added subtle pops of color to her cut-off blue jeans and black and white shoes with her lime green earrings and matching headphones. Isabella said she had no trouble cutting her curly, shoulder-length locks to get her trendy hair cut. In fact, once she cuts her hair, she grows it out just to cut it again.

“Crazy, colorful,” Isabella told Go Girl when describing her personal style. “I just dress in my own type of style.”

Shirt: Dear Alice
Shoes: Styles for Less
Shorts: Cut-offs made from own jeans
Earrings: Gift

Rebecca Minkoff Handbag, Diane Von Furstenberg Red Dress, Stuart Weitzman Heels


Kimberly embraces two distinct styles, both very different. Her look today would fall under what she calls “girl with an edge,” but she’s often found in a more Anthropologie-style, soft, feminine ensemble. This red number is her first Diane Von Furstenberg, one of several. She says that her favorite handbag designer is Rebecca Minkoff, like the one she has with her today. And can we just talk about those killer shoes for a sec?

“As far as clothes go, I like DVF, Vince, Anthro, anything bright, colorful, different. I like to stand out.”

Red dress: Diane Von Furstenberg
Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman
Scarf: Icing




Even when she’s just out shopping, Nereyda says she like to be put together and classy. Bright pink nails and  cobalt blue pants added splashes of color to her dark jacket and boots ensemble. Nereyda says she looks to various magazines for fashion ideas and sometimes lets the weather determine her style.

“It was kind of cloudy today, so I put on dark colors even though it’s spring,” she told Go Girl.

Scarf: Charlotte Russe
Jacket: Forever 21
Pants: Boutique
Boots: Bakers