Camille’s hair is amazing! Girls with curls know how hard it is to work them. Before she shared some good advice on that, we found out she’s studying to be a marriage and family therapist and is currently working on choosing her Masters’ program!

“I’m learning how to manage (my hair). Finding the right cut is everything. Gene Juarez does an amazing job for me. I use the Catwalk Curls Rock gel. What I like about it is that it doesn’t make my hair crunchy. It’s just soft curls!”

Hair: Nexxus shampoo & conditioner
Statement necklace: Nordstrom
Striped gold metallic knit top: Ann Taylor Loft
Cardigan: Target
Black jeggings: Ann Taylor Loft
Boots: Material Girl at Macy’s
Earrings: Fossil


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Evalene proved that being stylish doesn’t have to be difficult. Go Girl spotted the pretty brunette while she was working. Her dark curls were well-defined thanks to some help from a curling iron, and her casual t-shirt, boots, and jeans combo was given a boost thanks to some accessories, including her Michael Kors watch. Evalene says she like to keep things simple, but loves her black lacquered nails because they’re cat-like.

“Usually I wear leggings and a big shirt and boots,” she says. “It’s easy. It’s my go-to outfit.”

Shirt: borrowed from mom
Pants: PacSun
Boots: Steve Madden
Glasses: Costco
Watch: Michael Kors (gift)


We’ve talked to Meaghan before, but when we spotted her again at the airport looking cute in this sheer shirt with a fun glasses pattern, we needed a picture! We also love her super-chic heeled boots. Love that gold zipper! Can we also talk about that gorgeous hair? She says it’s pretty curly, actually, but she blows it straight.

“I can’t use hair products. Something about my hair – if I use product on it, it falls out. I love the Kerastase thermal protectant, but that’s all I use.”

Sheer printed shirt: JC Penney
Leggings: Target
Boots: Macy’s 
Earrings: Blue Nile
Thermal Hair Protectant: Nectar Thermique by Kerastase


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Rachel is wearing Urban Outfitters pants and Nordstrom shoes


Rachel, from Seattle, is visiting Portland for work and thought she’d spend a part of her afternoon at Portland’s famous bookstore, Powell’s. This fashionable young lady works for Nordstrom and says that her closet is almost entirely Nordstrom finds. She clearly knows how to appropriately mix color and pattern. We love Rachel’s jungle cats shirt – how unique!

Rachel told Go Girl, “I usually dress sporty and clean.”

Pants: Urban Outfitters
Jacket, Shoes, & Top: Nordstrom

Fossil Men's Watch, Buckle Bracelets


We wanted to talk with Julia about her cool style and the big watch trend that we’re seeing everywhere right now. Her watch is actually a men’s watch, as she feels that her arms are less delicate and need a larger piece. She feels that you can make a men’s accessory feminine just by adding other pieces. She also explained that the watch has got to have a little bling, and layering tons of bracelets with it is key.

“Stick with silver on silver. If you wear a gold watch, wear an accessory pack like the ones at Buckle and put anything gold with it.”

Watch: Fossil
Bracelets: Buckle




As a clothing store manager, Katie is constantly surrounded by changing fashions. She purchased a matching necklace and earring set from her store, Windsor Fashion, but needed an outfit to compliment the bold, gold pieces.

“I made this outfit around this necklace because I never wear it,” she told Go Girl. “I wanted to do nautical, but I don’t like the bold nautical, so I did it a little understated. I did the stripes, did the little brown belt to throw some neutral in there, and then I did the red lip for some color.”

Katie describes her style as ”polished casual.” She says, “I like to be comfy, but it needs to be polished with accessories. I like to look professional but still be comfy.”

Earrings and necklace and skirt: Windsor Fashion 
Shirt: Old Navy

urban outfitters tribal cardigan, red lips, boots


Brook loves her job, and who wouldn’t? She’s surrounded by cupcakes and happy people all day long. She’s a Culinary graduate from the Art Institute of Seattle, but we are hot for that red lipstick! Amazing, right? She says she dresses for comfort and for what is washable – she’s consumed by coffee and frosting at work, so she definitely has to consider that when she chooses her clothing. Really, though, the shoes are what does it for her!

“Shoes are my weakness. I have so many pairs of boots. It drives my boyfriend crazy! I can get on board with the sandals in the summer, but I wear boots all year long.”

Tribal print cardigan: Urban Outfitters
Butterfly necklace: Etsy
Silk top and jeans: Nordstrom
Boots: JustFab
Red lipstick: Makeup Forever #8 at Sephora




Trina and her husband had just arrived from Pasadena when Trina’s brightly-colored sweater and brown on black combo caught our eye. The pair said they are considering moving to San Diego and just came to check it out.

“I don’t really have a style,” says Trina who got her brown leather boots while living in Ecuador and offering educational therapy services. “It changes from day to day.” She told Go Girl that she tries to be “comfortable, casual and nice.”

Scarf: Gift from Spain
Sweater: Gift
Boots: Ecuador

torrid blouse, hot topic earring, red lipstick, bangs


Alicia’s got this cool-pretty-retro-edgy-glam thing going, with her Betty Page bangs and trendy red lipstick. She’s planning a 20s circus barn wedding in June, and says that she always tries to look good when she leaves the house.

“Most mornings, if I don’t have my hair and makeup and everything going, I don’t feel as confident. As soon as I put the lipstick and eyeliner on this morning, I looked in the mirror and I was actually singing!”

Blouse: Torrid
Earrings: Hot Topic



In sunny San Diego, scarves function more as fashion accessories than cold-weather necessities, and when Go Girl spotted Thelma (no pun intended), she had incorporated a leopard print scarf to perfectly accent her neutral color palate of black, brown and beige.

“I like floral prints and solid colors,” Thelma told Go Girl. “I try to be comfortable and look cute.”

Scarf and leggings: Charlotte Russe
Jacket: H&M



Jazzmin says she is a very simple dresser, but she tries to add some interest by mismatching colors. She draws some of her inspiration from Instagram.

“I have news feeds of different styles and clothing, so I’ll just get ideas,” Jazzmin says. “I’m a very comfortable person, so I won’t wear something that’s not comfortable.”

Sweater: Forever 21
Boots and leggings: Charlotte Russe
Necklace: Gift


armani exchange pants, aldo scarf, guess red handbag, express sweater, aldo scarf


Ilona’s red Guess handbag caught our attention, as did her pretty, flowy, black and white scarf and jeweled sweater. We love how put together she looks, in such a simple way. She says her mother gave her advice about what to wear:

“I try to dress nicely. My mom says that you should dress well because you’re going out in public. In the Ukraine, where I’m from, and in Europe, people dress really nicely all the time.”

Studded crystal sweater: Express
Pants: Armani Exchange
Boots: Michael Kors
Red handbag: Guess
Scarf: Aldo




It was apparent that health and fitness are priorities for Samantha. When Go Girl spotted her and her husband, they were on their way to pick up some nutritious fare at Nutrimart while outfitted in workout gear.

“I’ve learned that eating well is more important than anything,” says Samantha, who runs, does Crossfit, and weight trains to stay in shape. “It keeps you free from disease. Working out, building muscle, is just a great way to live.”

Tank top: Target
Capris: Forever 21
Shoes: Under Armour 



Laura says the outfits she’s been wearing around San Diego are a little different than her usual style. She told Go Girl that since she’s on vacation from Brazil, she’s been dressing a bit more casually. With so much to see and do in San Diego, this Brazilian depends on her friends to pick her up when she’s running low on energy. A trip to the beach always seems to help, too!

Her nautical-inspired bag gives her plenty of room for sunglasses, sunscreen, magazines, and other must-have items for a lazy vacation day.

Sweatshirt: Gap
Shoes: Uncle K in Brazil
Bag: Brazil


h&m cardigan, boutique peace necklace


We stopped Jodie because we loved her style, but we also loved her beautiful hair! We found out that she’s a hairdresser visiting from Melbourne, Australia, on vacation. She’s pretty casual about her style choices; she says she just goes by the trends that other people are wearing so she doesn’t have to think about it much.

“I just grab whatever I think looks good, I don’t know! I’m not the best person to be talking about this!” she laughs.

Cardigan: H&M
Peace necklace: Boutique in Melbourne



It was Adriana’s tribal-print leggings that made her stand out from a group of international students walking down the street in Hillcrest one day. Her navy pea coat and camel-colored tennis shoes pulled inspiration from the busy design of the leggings, and seamlessly brought the outfit together.

This international student is here from Brazil studying English for three months. She says her style is “very relaxed. I wear what I want.”

Pants: Forever 21
Shoes: Vans
Jacket: Brazil

michael kors, zara, alexander wang,


We caught Alexis on a shopping break from the fashion design school at the Art Institute of Seattle. She says the thing she never leaves the house without is her lipstick in a dark shade, except today; she had school early this morning. She’s been more casual lately because she’s close to graduation, but she likes a bit more edge!

“I stick to Alexander Wang; he’s one of my favorite designers. It’s comfortable and I can dress it up, dress it down. I wear a lot of his menswear stuff, too,” she explains.

Leather jacket & handbag: Nordstrom
Fur vest: Kensie
Shirt: H&M
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Michael Kors




Ana says that her style is currently undefined, but one thing she is certain of: she doesn’t want to dress like everybody else. While working at the mall one day, she wore black jeans, a black t-shirt, and a black knit hat… a blue jean jacket added a bit of color. This jeans-and-t-shirt California girl wants to eventually open her own clothing store!

“I kind of want to get into making my own clothing,” she told Go Girl.

Hat: Target
Jacket: Gap
Jeans: PacSun
Shoes: Converse



Despite her job’s causal dress code of slacks, Quiyonni stayed true to her personal style while getting some fresh air one evening. Born and raised in San Diego, the fashionista works as a hair stylist and a debt collector.

“I like to wear dresses,” Quiyonni told Go Girl. “I like to be comfortable, but since I’m small, I have to find stuff that flatters my body.”

Scarf: handmade gift
Dress: Zara
Crop top: Angl
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bag: Juicy Couture


banana republic coat & bag, steve madden nude pumps, j crew dog sweater, ralph lauren shirt, statement necklace


If you want to meet the coolest person ever, who will also help you learn a ton about style, check out Leteashia at She calls it a lifestyle blog, since it’s a little fashion, with a little bit of life, all mixed in. Her favorite thing right now is a little sweater and a statement necklace like the one she’s wearing here, which she bought at a friend’s boutique.

“My style is very versatile. It depends how I’m feeling; like today I felt preppy, so I put on some preppy clothes. Jeans, pumps, a cute top, and accessories.”

Coat & bag: Banana Republic
Sweater: J Crew Factory
Button down shirt: Ralph Lauren
Pants: H&M
Nude pumps: Steve Madden




Deborah, who gets a majority of her clothing from friends and family, finds a way to combine fashion and affordability by shopping at stores like Forever 21 that have fun accessories and outfits for the budget-conscious. Her burgundy Coach purse was a gift from her husband.

“I try to be comfortable,” says Deborah who enjoys going for walks and listening to music when her energy’s running low from working her full-time job. “Anything that’s free, I like to wear. If it’s cute and it fits, I wear it.”

Shirt: Banana Republic
Pants and shoes: Forever 21
Purse: Coach


Caitlyn went to the Art Institute and then worked in LA for a year. She just went to fashion week in New York and fell in love, so she’s planning a move as soon as possible. As a stylist, she freely shared some fashion help:

“I think that recently women’s sportswear is so underrated. I just feel like it’s cool now to be casual. Wear sportswear with a pair of heels. Structured sportswear is where it’s at.”

“Hooligan” hat: a local Seattle brand, Rich Kids
Ostrich Feather Vest: Haute Hippie
Sweatshirt: Shop Private Party
Skirt: DVF
Shoes: All Saints
Glasses: Dior



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Jessica (1)


Jessica’s style is determined 100 percent by her mood. She said you’ll either find her in subtle men’s fashions or ultra feminine outfits.

“My style? It depends on how I feel that day,” says Jessica, whose bold red lipstick was accented by her equally red Chuck Taylor shoes. “If I’m kind of feeling a little masculine that day, I’ll dress like a dude. If I feel super girly, I dress really girly.”

Sweater: Gap
Jeans: PacSun
Shoes: Converse

Gabrielle is wearing Sam Edelman boots and Charming Charlie jewelry


Gabrielle’s fantastic jewelry caught our eye while she walked to school on a rainy Portland afternoon. Gabrielle is a fashion marketing student at PNCA, an art school in Portland’s Pearl District. Right now, she’s helping coordinate a fashion show that participates with Portland Fashion Week. She’s really excited about it! We love Gabrielle’s bold style, and asked her to describe it.

“I’m in a bit of a fashion transition,” she told Go Girl. “I used to be kind of into grunge, but now I’m more boho. I hate the word boho, but I’ll use it anyway!”

Boots: Sam Edelman
Dress: H&M
Jewelry: Charming Charlie