Despite her job’s causal dress code of slacks, Quiyonni stayed true to her personal style while getting some fresh air one evening. Born and raised in San Diego, the fashionista works as a hair stylist and a debt collector.

“I like to wear dresses,” Quiyonni told Go Girl. “I like to be comfortable, but since I’m small, I have to find stuff that flatters my body.”

Scarf: handmade gift
Dress: Zara
Crop top: Angl
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bag: Juicy Couture


banana republic coat & bag, steve madden nude pumps, j crew dog sweater, ralph lauren shirt, statement necklace


If you want to meet the coolest person ever, who will also help you learn a ton about style, check out Leteashia at TheStylishDork.com. She calls it a lifestyle blog, since it’s a little fashion, with a little bit of life, all mixed in. Her favorite thing right now is a little sweater and a statement necklace like the one she’s wearing here, which she bought at a friend’s boutique.

“My style is very versatile. It depends how I’m feeling; like today I felt preppy, so I put on some preppy clothes. Jeans, pumps, a cute top, and accessories.”

Coat & bag: Banana Republic
Sweater: J Crew Factory
Button down shirt: Ralph Lauren
Pants: H&M
Nude pumps: Steve Madden




Deborah, who gets a majority of her clothing from friends and family, finds a way to combine fashion and affordability by shopping at stores like Forever 21 that have fun accessories and outfits for the budget-conscious. Her burgundy Coach purse was a gift from her husband.

“I try to be comfortable,” says Deborah who enjoys going for walks and listening to music when her energy’s running low from working her full-time job. “Anything that’s free, I like to wear. If it’s cute and it fits, I wear it.”

Shirt: Banana Republic
Pants and shoes: Forever 21
Purse: Coach


Caitlyn went to the Art Institute and then worked in LA for a year. She just went to fashion week in New York and fell in love, so she’s planning a move as soon as possible. As a stylist, she freely shared some fashion help:

“I think that recently women’s sportswear is so underrated. I just feel like it’s cool now to be casual. Wear sportswear with a pair of heels. Structured sportswear is where it’s at.”

“Hooligan” hat: a local Seattle brand, Rich Kids
Ostrich Feather Vest: Haute Hippie
Sweatshirt: Shop Private Party
Skirt: DVF
Shoes: All Saints
Glasses: Dior



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Jessica (1)


Jessica’s style is determined 100 percent by her mood. She said you’ll either find her in subtle men’s fashions or ultra feminine outfits.

“My style? It depends on how I feel that day,” says Jessica, whose bold red lipstick was accented by her equally red Chuck Taylor shoes. “If I’m kind of feeling a little masculine that day, I’ll dress like a dude. If I feel super girly, I dress really girly.”

Sweater: Gap
Jeans: PacSun
Shoes: Converse

Gabrielle is wearing Sam Edelman boots and Charming Charlie jewelry


Gabrielle’s fantastic jewelry caught our eye while she walked to school on a rainy Portland afternoon. Gabrielle is a fashion marketing student at PNCA, an art school in Portland’s Pearl District. Right now, she’s helping coordinate a fashion show that participates with Portland Fashion Week. She’s really excited about it! We love Gabrielle’s bold style, and asked her to describe it.

“I’m in a bit of a fashion transition,” she told Go Girl. “I used to be kind of into grunge, but now I’m more boho. I hate the word boho, but I’ll use it anyway!”

Boots: Sam Edelman
Dress: H&M
Jewelry: Charming Charlie

Red Penguin Pea Coat Overcoat, Vintage Calvin Klein Sweater


We spotted Jessica shopping downtown with her boyfriend, who inspired her to start dressing well. He’s a sharp dresser (he wouldn’t go on camera!) and when she started dating him, she wanted to dress nicely, too. Although she lives in California, she owns five coats, two with faux fur accents. When asked to pick her favorite, she said she couldn’t; she loves everything she owns.

“I like to dress up nice everywhere I go, because my personality is not as sophisticated as I look. I’m super silly, and you look at me and don’t expect that.”

Coat and jeans: Penguin
Vintage cashmere sweater: Calvin Klein
Hat and handbag: Farmer’s market in CA

Jeannine carries a Steven Alan bag and shoes from Sloan Boutique


Jeannine is a French student studying international relations in Portland for the year. She decided to travel abroad to study in an effort to broaden her horizons and learn about a new culture. Born and raised in Paris, Jeannine has an eye for fashion. We’re in love with her cute haircut! Jeannine says usually dresses in a characteristically French way but her outfit today is mostly made up of pieces she’s purchased in Portland.

“I like to assimilate into the culture when I travel,” she told Go Girl. “That includes the way I dress.”

Bag: Steven Alan
Shoes: Sloan Boutique
Haircut: Bishops Barbershop


Jane lives downtown and calls herself a “hipster who doesn’t think I am.” She loves to shop and draws her style inspiration from the other women she sees around her. Jane loves finding great-fitting, perfectly worn-in designer jeans at shops like Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads.

“My mom taught me to shop at thrift stores,” she explains. “This key necklace – my dad found these keys in my grandpa’s garage after he passed away.”

Scarf and sweater-knit tee: Forever 21
Army jacket: Nordstrom Rack
Cardigan: Urban Outfitters
Jeans: Crossroads Trading Co
Boots: Nordstrom


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Element Coat / PacSun, Tribal Headband


Lisa lives outside of the city, but she loves the shopping downtown. Her go-to style inspirations online are Tumblr and Instagram, but her favorite inspirations are printed magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, and Vogue.

“‘I like to shop’ is an understatement. I just found out I’m pregnant. I’m going to save up and cheat on fashion with baby clothes, so I’m cutting back! It’s pretty exciting.” Congratulations, Lisa!

Shoes: Chuck Taylor Classic Converse All-Stars
Tribal headband: Ross
Coat: Element at PacSun
Jeggings: Nordstrom Rack
Handbag: Forever 21




Much like country singer Taylor Swift, Hannah showed off her sweet and feminine side with a simple lace dress, but introduced a bit of country with her awesome boots! A tribal print cardigan accented the white dress perfectly, and a silver Tiffany necklace added just the right finishing touch.

“I’m borrowing a friend’s dress!” says Hannah, who was out and about with her boyfriend when Go Girl bumped into her.

Boots: Gifted
Necklace: Tiffany and Co
Cardigan: Kohl’s


Chantal (8)


It was easy to spot Chantal even in the pre-dusk light as she waited to meet some girlfriends for drinks – she radiated confidence in her emerald green platform pumps with matching clutch, dark skinny jeans, and brand new leather jacket. The California native, who recently returned to San Diego after spending two years in Barcelona, writes a fashion blog!

“Barcelona is very monochromatic,” says Chantal, who plans to move to LA  in the near future. “Here, it’s very casual and very jeans and flip flops. Barcelona likes to dress up. Here, we like to dress down.”

Blouse: Nordstrom
Shoes and purse: Yves Saint Laurent
Jacket: Vince
Jeans: J Brand
Necklace: Express

Lauren is wearing a J Crew jacket and cashmere scarf from Cambodia


Lauren recently returned to Portland from Malaysia where she worked as an intern for a women’s rights group. She learned that no matter how small, she can make a positive impact in the lives of women. The highlight was working with the kids at the refuge, even though they didn’t speak the same language. During her travels she visited Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Singapore. While in Siem Reap, Cambodia, she scored on the beautiful cashmere scarf she’s wearing in the photo. It’s from a night market where she bargained to get the best prices.

“My style is simple and clean-cut with subtle pops of color or design,” she told Go Girl. “I wear a different Cambodian scarf almost every day.”

Shirt: Banana Republic
Boots: Macy’s
Jacket: J Crew
Scarf: Cambodia


Morgan’s amazing fringed suede boots were too good to pass up! She is a fun girl, and the boots just illustrate her cool, fun sense of style! She loves to wear a ton of jewelry – a lot of which she has borrowed from her mom’s closet, which has her original vintage pieces from the 70s and 80s!

“I’m a hippie hipster. I wear a lot of different styles. I like long dresses with flannels a lot. I have a great 70s vest with flowers on it.”

Boots: American Eagle
Socks: Kohls
Watch & Necklace: Fossil
Flannel Shirt: Thrift


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Betsey Johnson vintage one of a kind coat, scarf,


Carla owns a fashion boutique in Montana called Sew Queen Designs. Her style is this Bohemian chic hippy vibe totally unique to her, pulling in bright colors and mixing vintage designer pieces (she’s obsessed with Betsey Johnson!) with different patterns. She’s in Seattle on a shopping trip to gather supplies – she’s sewing her own wedding dress, as well as all of her bridesmaids’ dresses!

“My favorite piece is this Betsey Johnson vintage coat I’m wearing. I bought it for like $500 when the store in Seattle closed. It’s one of a kind! I wear it all the time.”

Hat & Skirt: Sew Queen Designs
Betsey Johnson scarf from Nordstrom Rack
Boots: Gianni Bini at Dillards
Vintage Jacket: Betsey Johnson
Handbag: Marc Jacobs
Necklace: Chanel

Sophia is wearing Bebe while carrying a Coach bag


Sophia is an accountant by day and young mom of two by night. She says her family life keeps her busy but she loves to ski, read, and travel. Her classic style caught our eye while she was taking a lunch break in downtown Portland. She was excited to try a can of Go Girl to help energize her for the rest of her work day. Sophia works for an investment firm so she usually dresses professional and classic during the week.

“Right now I’m dressed for work,” she told Go Girl, “But I like to wear something fun, like this coat, to make the outfit more interesting.”

Coat: bebe
Bag: Coach

Loreal Pink Blush and Pressed Powder, Lauren Hansen vintage


Zoe had hair to her mid-back up until a month ago, when she decided to go short and donate it all to Locks of Love. She rocks it with sweet soft pink barely-there makeup and a tiny bit of pomade. If you’re hoping to get the dish on her hair color, forget it. It’s her natural color! (No fair!)

“I never thought about cutting my hair short til a bunch of people in a row were like, ‘you would look good in short hair’, so I just did it. I’m too lazy to deal with hair!”

Sweater: Lauren Hansen
Dress: JC Penney
Necklace is handmade by  a friend!
Palest pressed powder and pink blush: L’Oreal


Sahara is wearing l'Oreal Paris lipstick and an Aritzia dress


Go Girl caught up with Sahara while she was on her way to a job interview at Forever 21. She’s dressed to impress! We love her bold lipstick and Aritzia dress. Besides fashion, Sahara’s passion is photography. She shoots film now, and is hoping to be able to afford a new digital camera soon. This small town native is planning a move to Portland in the near future and is lining up a couple jobs.

“I want to move to Portland because it’s a bigger city, and a lot of my friends have already moved here. Plus, there’s better shopping!”

Dress: Aritzia
Lipstick: L’Oreal Paris


Yoshi is wearing cute pieces from Ross and an Urban Outfitters bag


California native Yoshi is a veteran bargain hunter! She gets name brand pieces for great prices while shopping at Ross and Kohl’s. Her faux leather jacket caught our eye while she was shopping at the mall during her break from work. This soft-spoken California native moved to Portland at the recommendation of a friend, and is loving the lifestyle.

“In my free time I like to read, surf the web, and shop,” she told Go Girl.

Jacket & Dress: Ross
Bag: Urban Outfitters

Kathryn is wearing Scotch & Soda, Anthropologie, and J Brand


Kathryn was happy to chat with us while working at a boutique called Scotch & Soda, a new shop to the Portland area. Her style is unique, and we love her patterned pants and stunning accessories. Kathryn was working at Anthropologie and going to college in  California when she fell in love with her Oregonian boyfriend. After 2 years of long distance, she decided to move north to be with her sweetheart.

“I decided that I needed a change,” she told Go Girl.

Top & Necklace: Scotch & Soda
Pants: J Brand
Ring: Anthropologie
Shoes: House of Harlow

Rebekah is heading out for the night in H&M shoes and Zara scarf


Go Girl caught up with Rebekah on her way out for the evening. She’s planning on meeting up with her boyfriend to go out to a local bar. Portland nightlife style is relatively laid back, and Rebekah says she loves to wear pieces inspired by menswear, like the shoes she’s wearing tonight – and button downs! She was excited to get energized with a can of Go Girl before heading out! This University of Oregon student likes to blog and take pictures, as well as follow style blogs.

“Some of my favorite style blogs right now are Song of Style, Who What Where, and Refinery 29,” she told Go Girl. Now she’ll have the Go Girl Passion Meets Fashion blog to follow!

Shoes: H&M
Jeans: American Eagle
Jacket: Aritzia
Scarf: Zara

Taylor is jazzing up her work outfit with a perfect milk maid braid


Taylor works for a well-know farm-to-table restaurant in NW Portland, and is a student at Portland State University. She juggles her school work and job with ease, and recently got a cute new lab/boxer mix puppy! This bohemian girl says she loves everything Free People makes! At work, Taylor has to wear all black, so she likes to jazz up her look with interesting hairstyles. We love her milk maid braid.

“I like to wear clothes that are flowery and patterned. I like the loose-fitting hippy style,” she told Go Girl.

Hair:  Milk Maid Braid. Here’s a great video tutorial if you want to try it for yourself.




Beneath her sporty exterior, Kendrix showed off some feminine features. Her sun-kissed brown hair was in a pretty braid and her nails were painted a fire-engine red with a sparkly white design. While you’d normally spot this athlete wearing a ponytail, she said she just decided to do something different with her locks today.

“I think I’m really sporty,” say Kendrix who wore a bandage around her ankle and walked with the help of a pair of crutches thanks to a sports injury. “I usually wear pants and some sort of t-shirt or sweatshirt.”

Shoes: Converse
Sweatshirt: School


Dee Harris (2)


Don’t let the flirty skirt and adorable knee-high socks fool you. Dee says her style is a far cry from the cutsie school girl Go Girl saw her wearing on her way to work. When hanging out with her boyfriend and attending shows, this adorable fashionista says she usually rocks old-school Harley tees and band shirts.

“I’m into vintage,” says Dee who has worked at American Apparel for a year and a half. The San Diegan says you can thank her employer for her head-to-toe look (minus the jacket). She gets a discount on the clothes and a clothing stipend from the apparel company. Dee  says she is so into vintage that she has her own Etsy shop (since1985) where she sells vintage items.

Shirt, skirt, socks, shoes, bag: American Apparel
Jacket: H&M