Eva N is wearing a UNIF leopard print jacket


Eva’s cute leopard print coat caught our eye while she was shopping in Portland. She says that her daily style totally depends on her mood at the time. Sometimes she’ll wear all black, and on other days she’ll wear a print tee with cartoons on it. Eva’s a student at Portland State University studying business. As soon as she graduates, Eva hopes to teach English in South Korea for a year.

“I think this is the perfect time to take a risk,” she told Go Girl. “At what other time in my life will I have the chance to just get up and go to another country?”

Jacket: UNIF
Clutch: Forever 21

Kate C is wearing a Free People dress and Anthropologie jacket


Kate’s cute pixie cut is a refreshing style that looks great on her! She says her closet if full of functional and classic pieces. She loves Free People and Anthropologie, and loves to browse shops on Etsy.com. Kate works in retail and loves to cook, bake, and wander about Portland. We asked Kate, “What makes you unique?” Her answer?

“I’m just me!”

Shoes: Wolverine
Jacket: Anthropologie
Dress: Free People
Backpack: Etsy


Urban Outfitters Lace Tights, Macy's Fur Vest, Nordstrom BP Pencil Skirt and Denim Shirt


Arielle had so much to say about fashion, and it’s easy to see why! She laughingly tells Go Girl that her friends call her preppy; she can’t figure it out because she loves to rock parachute pants with wedges and loose button-ups. Her favorite lip colors are plums and reds; today’s is a pretty berry color! Most of all, she just does her own thing and doesn’t really draw from outside inspiration.

“I just don’t like to match,” Arielle confides. “I’m the girl that wears plaid with cheetah prints.”

Skirt, tank, denim shirt, and watch: BP at Nordstrom
Vest: Macy’s
Headband: Nordstrom
Lace Stockings: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Icing
Flats: Queen B



We spotted Rachel and were immediately drawn to her beautiful hair and enthusiastic vibe! Rachel moved to Los Angeles form New York and is a comedian, as well as a pop-rock musician. Rachel says her fashion inspiration is grungy high fashion with an edge.

“My friends inspire me, as well as immersing myself in culture. I love when my friends succeed, because that means we all are succeeding!”

Blazer: Vintage Ann Taylor
Shirt: Uniqlo
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Puma

Forever 21 ripped skinny jeans, Charlotte Russe cardigan, Cathy Jean tasseled booties


Tigest admits to being a fanatic about two things: comfy boots and gold crosses. Otherwise, mostly everything in her wardrobe is deep, dark colors or stark whites. She admits that she does love the color peach, so there’s a bit of that in her outfit today, too!

“I like to look nice every day. When you’re single, you have to!”

Gold cross necklace and earrings: Charlotte Russe
Ripped skinny jeans: Forever 21
Sweater & handbag: Ross
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe
Booties: Cathy Jean

Nordstrom boot cut jeans, Target tribal pattern military jacket, Betseyville handbag


Tish is always looking for a bargain, but when she buys something, she knows she’ll want to keep it around for a long time – no throwaway pieces for her! She’s also a huge lover of color and patterns – her job as a nanny requires her to be fun and comfortable. We loved her colorful scarf, which she found on her travels to Ethiopia, and the cool tribal pattern she’s sporting. It looks like a vest/sweater combination, but it’s actually a jacket!

“I’m really more of a color person,” she tells Go Girl.

Tribal/military style jacket: Target
Scarf: Ethiopia
Boot cut jeans: Nordstrom
Top: H&M
Handbag: Betseyville by Betsey Johnson
Earrings: Old Navy
Boots: Steve Madden

Elizabeth A is wearing a flannel shirt and Lucky Brand jeans and boots


Go Girl caught up with Elizabeth at a coffee shop while she was studying for her biblical and theological studies major. Elizabeth’s Lucky Brand boots caught our eye; they really dress up an otherwise casual outfit. The flannel shirt is extremely popular in Portland, and Elizabeth wears it well. When she has finished her bachelor degree, Elizabeth plans to study in seminary.

“I think the Bible is very valuable,” she told Go Girl. “I want to be a professor. I want to teach.”

Top: Thrifted
Jeans & Boots: Lucky Brand


Sarah S wears a Jessica Simpson coat while carrying a Louis Vuitton bag


Sarah is an Austin native who recently moved to Portland for an engineering job. She says that although she doesn’t always feel put together, she tries to achieve a classic look. We think she’s succeeding with that cute, white Jessica Simpson coat. Who says you can’t wear white in the winter?!

“I try to purchase pieces of clothing that won’t go out of style rather than fill my closet with trendy pieces that I won’t be able to wear in a couple of years,” she told Go Girl.

Coat: Jessica Simpson @ Macy’s
Bag: Louis Vuitton


Tanja M is wearing vintage sunglasses and Prada boots


We caught Tanja while she was sitting outside soaking up the rays of an unusually sunny winter day in Portland. Her all-black style and cool haircut caught our eye. We really love her Prada boots! Tanja works for a real estate development company and enjoys a great cup of coffee. Despite her awesome style, Tanja says that she really doesn’t like shopping all that much. Her wardrobe is eclectic, and vintage plays a big role.

“I wear a lot of vintage and black,” she told Go Girl.

Boots: Prada
Jeans: BDG/Urban Outfitters
Shirt: Vince
Jacket & Sunglasses: Vintage

Nordstrom Trumpet Sleeve Patterned Dress, Patterned Sheer Tights, Tall Boots, High Braid Wrapped Bun


Jasmine is the perfect blend of smart and beautiful! She’s working on her business degree right now, and she plans to study fashion next in order to pursue a career as a stylist. She seeks out great ideas for style on Instagram, and then puts her own twist on them. She says her high, braid-wrapped bun today is courtesy of her mom, who loves to do hair! Gorgeous!

We asked her to describe her personal style, and she said she couldn’t: “I change it up every day, but I love Banana Republic, Forever 21, and Love Culture!”

Dress and patterned sheer tights: Nordstrom
Purse: Coach

Steve Madden studded handbag,  Garage striped sweater, H&M colored jeans, Forever 21 boots


Faraah tends to look for comfort and a fit that flatters her shape, rather than what’s trendy at the moment, when she looks for things to fill her closet. She has a love for outerwear – she’s always cold, so she tends to bundle up. Her favorite thing, though, is scarves.

“I have too many scarves!  I thought what I had on today was enough, so I didn’t wear one, but I like scarves. They always add a little pop to your outfit!”

Pea coat: Old Navy
Sweater: Garage
Colored Jeans: H&M
Boots: Forever 21
Bag: Steve Madden



Gabby loves her dog, beautiful makeup, and wearing really extraordinary shoes that no one else would dare to wear. She’s considering a career as an aesthetician. Today, she’s rocking red lips (Hot Passion by Cover Girl) and almost no other makeup, except for her foundation, which she says is a pancake-type stage makeup. As for her shoes, when she’s not walking her dog, Jabba the Mutt, her favorite pair are her 6-inch yellow, floral spiked stilettos.

“I wouldn’t mind having a pair of Jimmy Choos!” she laughs. “Who wouldn’t?”

Beanie & Sunglasses: Target
Thermal hoodie: Kohls


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Hannah P is wearing her own label, Hetterson


Go Girl ran into Hannah in the streets of Portland while she was visiting from Washington. We were instantly drawn to her orange boots and beautiful floral dress. Hannah told us that she actually designed and made them both herself! Her label is called Hetterson, and she says she’s working on building up awareness of her brand.

“I like being able to create high quality clothing that fits me really well,” she told Go Girl.

Shoes & Dress: Hetterson

Daniella T is wearing a Zara coat while carrying an Urban Expressions bag


Daniella is visiting Portland from San Diego. This bombshell is originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, and she loves to travel south to visit her hometown. Her style is classic and classy, and we are impressed by her long, beautiful hair! Daniella’s main passion is yoga; in fact, she’s a yoga instructor for children.

“I love the children’s energy. They enjoy creating stories with all the different animal poses,” she told Go Girl.

Coat: Zara
Vegan Bag: Urban Expressions

Mina M is wearing beautiful leather Steve Madden boots


Go Girl met Mina while she was taking a break from her job at a software engineering company. She says her job is to be the CEO’s wingman – and she loves it! Mina loves to shop at Nordstrom Rack because it has a variety of designer labels at great prices. She admits that her summer wardrobe is almost entirely Free People. Today she’s wearing some very smart-looking zip-up boots.

“Steve Madden is great for a lady on a budget,” she told Go Girl.

Boots: Steve Madden
Top: Sweet Romeo/Nordstrom

All Saints Coat, Alexander Wang studded bag, Rag and Bone leather pants, Vince Camuto boots, Club Monaco cashmere hat


Becky’s “classic with an edge” style works well with her career as a health educator, allowing her to reach the teens she teaches, while at the same time preserving a grown-up attitude. She looks for classic items, and won’t spend money on trendy pieces (instead finding those on sale). Though she hearkens back to her 13 year-old self with vibrantly-hued hair and various piercings, she tells Go Girl that she’s recently overhauled her entire closet after achieving a new level of fitness:

“Everything is open to me now, like it never was before.”

Plaid Parka Jacket: All Saints
Studded Bag: Alexander Wang
Leather pants: Rag and Bone
Ankle Boots: Vince Camuto at Nordstrom
Cashmere hat: Club Monaco

Danielle W is wearing a Forever 21 sweater


Danielle’s unique sweater caught our eye while she was out shopping with some friends. This college student loves to draw, run, and shop. It’s easy to see that Danielle is a fun-loving young lady with a bright future ahead. She says her style is pretty laid back and comfy. We love the ribbon in her hair; it’s a great detail.

“I’m kind of over the pain is beauty thing,” she told Go Girl. “I wear a lot of sweaters and boots these days.. but mostly because it’s winter.”

Sweater: Forever 21

Suzanne E is wearing Frye boots and a coat from Nordstrom


Suzanne is a artist and barista in Portland. Go Girl caught her on her way to the hospital to visit a friend and bring him flowers. Bright red roses are sure to brighten anyone’s day! Suzanne’s main passion is oil painting, more specifically, representational oil painting.

“I took painting classes in school,” she told Go Girl. “When I started learning oil painting, it just clicked.”

Boots: Frye
Jacket: Nordstrom

Nordstrom cardigan, lululemon leggings, DSW boots, Fossil bag, H&M basic tank, braided hair


Jana loves a comfortable, casual look but likes to follow trends. She typically sticks to leggings and tall socks with boots or some fun moccasins. She’s a big fan of Wanelo (Want, Need, Love) and says she gets a ton of ideas there, as well as some people she likes to follow on Instagram.

“I mostly stick to Nordstrom and Aritzia when I shop. I just know what I like and I usually find it there,” she explains.

Cardigan: BP at Nordstrom
Leggings: lululemon
Classic white tank: H&M
Socks: REI
Lace up boots: DSW
Bag: Fossil
Earrings: Nordstrom



We noticed Audrey’s beautiful locks and wanted to find out more! She loves to follow current trends, and one that’s been popping up recently is called Balayage: a freehand technique for coloring the hair. This technique is a bit more subtle than the popular ombre effect, where hair looks more dip-dyed – lighter on the ends with darker roots. Audrey used a flatiron to achieve the soft curls!

“I didn’t want to do straight ombre, because a lot of people have that now. I looked into it, and found Balayage, and just went from there,” she tells Go Girl.

Sweater: H&M
Ripped detail tee: Forever 21
Jeggings: Nordstrom
Boots: Report


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Vintage Jewelry, Urban Outfitters Coat, North Face Boots


This beautiful swing dancer looks for vintage 50s circle skirts that are easy to dance in, and sometimes rocks a 60s mod look. Her favorite stores are the vintage shops in Los Angeles: Squaresville, Ozzie Dots, Playclothes, and Jet Rag. Today, she tells Go Girl that she’s actually dressed down from her usual style.

Asked what she thinks of this fine city:  ”I love it! I see a lot of quirky vintage style in Seattle!”

Hat, Jewelry, Cowl Scarf: Vintage
Coat: Urban Outfitters
Pants: Madewell
Boots: North Face

eddie bauer vest & green coat, Frye boots, Loft Jeans, Kate Spade handbag


Charis, a busy bride-to-be, embodies the standard Northwest style: jeans, plaid shirts, and cozy vests – and she especially loves a great coat! She says she has more coats than anything else in her closet, and this green one is her favorite. She loves that the color stands out!

“I like to wear one thing that stands out. That way, if I decide I’m in a situation that I don’t really want to stand out in, I can just take it off.” Genius!

Coat, vest: Eddie Bauer
Handbag: Kate Spade
Boots: Frye
Jeans: Loft
Plaid shirt: Old Navy

Michael Kors handbag, Nordstrom boots, jeans, vest


Even though Kylee, a nursing student, is on a second date with a very cute (and nice) guy, she happily takes a minute to share with us some thoughts about her personal style. She describes her clothing as “casual sophisticate” and admits that she is a dedicated bargain shopper.

“I’m big on deals!” she confessed.

Sweater, jeans, and boots: Nordstrom
Handbag: Michael Kors
Vest & gloves: Old Navy

Angie B is wearing Adidas on her way to run trails


Go Girl caught up with Angie on her way out of a yoga class, while heading to the trails for a quick run. This active lady’s stripes caught our eye. Sometimes it’s hard to let your personality shine through while wearing athletic clothing, but it’s easy to tell that Angie is a free-spirited and friendly lady. She’s also practical!

“My style is usually decided each day based on which of my clothes are clean,” she told Go Girl, “I travel constantly so I’m usually living out of a suitcase!”

Pants: Adidas