Lily in Miss Me Jeans, Steve Madden Bright Blue Handbag, Macy's Coat


The small town Lily is visiting from has few options for shopping; we found her enjoying the variety of Seattle stores! She loves to dress in feminine suits and dresses, and loves to crank up the style when she isn’t working. We love how she’s paired this plaid wool coat with a sweet flower in her gorgeous hair!  You’d be surprised to find out that she works as a Corrections Officer… but don’t call her tough!

“I’m actually a very sweet person,” she tells Go Girl.

Coat, Booties, Flower: Macy’s
Black Shirt: White House | Black Market
Handbag: Steve Madden
Jeans: Miss Me



Upcycled Gap overalls dress from Urban Outfitters - so cool! Combat boots, Steve Madden, Patterned Cardigan Forever 21


Hanging out in downtown with her best friend Joe, Cristina is a film and creative writing student who is getting used to calling herself an artist. She loves to put pieces together that emphasize her creative spirit, and she’s a huge fan of combat boots! Check out the combat boot necklace she’s got on; it’s a Barbie shoe that a friend found and gave to her. She fashioned it into a necklace and has worn it ever since.

“Lately I’ve been ‘power-clashing.’ I like to mix and match textures and patterns. If you’ve ever seen the show Girls, there’s an episode where the main character Hannah power-clashes, and I was like, ‘Oh! There’s a name for it!’”

Dress: Urban Outfitters
Cardigan: Forever 21
Lace-up Boots: Madden Girl


Autumn N wearing Mono B and Urban Outfitters


Fellow fashion photographer Autumn was out shopping with her mom when we spotted her. Autumn lives just outside of Portland, but says she comes into town almost everyday for photo shoots. Originally a portrait and wedding photographer, Autumn wanted to switch up her career for something more creative. Check out her portfolio.

“As a fashion photographer I get to have more freedom to be creative,” she told Go Girl. “I get to be an artist.”

Sweater: Mono B
Scarf: Urban Outfitters
Jewelry: Assorted family heirlooms and thrifted pieces



We caught Jill right after she finished up with a job interview in the wine industry (good luck, Jill)! She says her normal style is quite casual and comfy, but we love what she’s rocking today: she exemplifies classy and professional! Jill is accompanied today by her tiny Yorkie, Gable. What a cutie!

“I’m not usually the kind of girl to wear heels,” she told Go Girl, “but these heeled boots are super comfortable.”

Shoes: me Too
Dress: Gap
Jacket: Sloan Boutique

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Kayla is wearing a jacket from Macy's while walking her new puppy


Kayla is a natural redhead studying business at Portland State University. She loves shopping and walking her cute new Newfoundland named Leo. Kayla fell in love with the breed when she saw someone walking a longhaired Newfoundland, and it was love at first sight! As far as her style goes, Kayla is going through a bit of a fashion overhaul.

“I’m going through a style change, actually,” she told Go Girl. “I used to be kind of punk, but now I’m dressing more cute and feminine. I wanted to look more professional.”

Jacket: Macy’s
Boots: Target


burberry handbag, topshop scarf, dune shoes, zara patterned leggings & jacket


Helen is visiting from “across the pond,” and tells Go Girl that Seattle is her favorite city in the US. She loves fashion and we love the pieces she’s pulled together today: tastefully patterned leggings, sweater tunic, fitted jacket, oversized animal-print scarf finished off with a sleek bun – perfection!

“I like high-street shops,” she tells Go Girl.

Handbag: Burberry
Shoes: Dune
Jacket & Patterned leggings: Zara
Top & Scarf: Topshop




Louis Vuitton handbag, Miss Sixty navy pea coat from Nordstrom, Report Signature booties with gold buckles


Joyce is stunning, brainy, and fashionable – all of which her new husband enthusiastically confirmed! She looks for cool details like the red thread and pleated back of this navy pea coat and the triple gold buckles on her Report Signature boots. The pair from San Francisco love to travel – and this Louis Vuitton bag goes with her whenever they do.  They make a point to visit Seattle at least once a year!

“I love Seattle; it’s one of my favorite cities. I love the small downtown feel, even though it’s super modern. Everyone is always super nice and welcoming.”

Coat: Miss Sixty at Nordstrom
Handbag: Louis Vuitton
Boots: Report Signature at Amazon

Show Pony white coat, Cotton On skinny jeans, David Jones shoes, Zara scarf


Cassidy had been in Seattle for about 20 minutes when Go Girl caught up with her. Originally from Australia, she’s visiting a friend in Los Angeles, and the two are on a road trip from LA to Vancouver, BC (sounds like a trip where Go Girl would be the perfect accomplice)! Cassidy says she typically looks for and wears a ton of black.

“It’s unusual that I’m wearing white, actually! My favorite piece is a black coat that I sent home to Australia. I wish I had it right now; I’m freezing!”

Coat: Show Pony
Scarf: Zara
Skinny jeans: Cotton On
Shoes: David Jones
Bag: Marikai


Jen works in sales for a local coffee roasting company and loves the perks of always having great, fresh coffee at home ready to brew. This bubbly blonde describes her style as feminine and classy. We agree! She says she’s focusing her energy on discovering the next path she wants to take in life.

“I think that most people in their 20’s don’t know what they’re doing,” she told Go Girl. “Everyone is trying to figure out the work/life balance and are finding out what makes them truly happy. I certainly am!”

Jeans: Gap
Top: Anthropologie
Earrings: Vintage

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Alessandra W. is wearing a vintage Jordache faux fur coat with Ray-Ban glasses


Alessandra’s classy high bun and super fun faux-fur coat caught our eye. This full-time momma loves to wear bold vintage pieces. This Seattle native is a lover of music; she has a bandcamp page where you can check out her sweet tunes! What is it about music that she loves?

“Music keeps me going,” she told Go Girl. “It’s been my art since I was a little kid.”

Coat: Vintage Jordache
Glasses: Ray-Ban

Jordan W is wearing a DKNY coat, Levi's jeans, and carrying a Hobo bag


Go Girl caught Jordan on her walk to work in the sunshine. It’s a rare day when you get to wear sunglasses during a Portland winter, and we think Jordan is rocking it! Jordan works for a local brewery, and is an avid runner and rock climber. Her style is eclectic, and Jordan says that she learned at an early age that quality pieces last a long time.

“This Hobo bag was the first nice purse I ever bought,” she told Go Girl. “I learned to buy high quality if I want it to last.”

Bag: Hobo
Coat: DKNY
Jeans: Levi’s
Shoes: Jeffery Campbell


Andrea M in American Eagle jacket, Loft  pants, Gap sweater,


Andrea embraces a feminine style. She loves dresses and crocheted details and pretty florals and soft, wavy curls. One of her favorite pieces is the shirt she’s wearing today, a sweet floral with leather string ties. A big fan of Pinterest, she follows fashion trends but dresses in things that make her happy!

Saving for college, she says, “I love to find a great deal, especially if I can find things I really love at my favorite stores. I love H&M and The Loft!”

Jacket: American Eagle
Pants: Loft
Crocheted boot socks: JCPenney
Cardigan: Gap
Floral shirt with leather laces: Target
Boots: Nordstrom
Earrings: Target
Handbag: Macy’s


Kelsey Gr.


Go Girl caught Kelsey while grocery shopping in Portland. This art student just got back from an amazing 4 month trip studying abroad in India, and was still getting settled back into the Portland lifestyle. As far as fashion, Kelsey likes to wear loose-fitting, boho-style pieces. Today, her cool yellow corduroy pants caught our eye!

“You caught me on a day when I’m actually wearing a lot of color,” she told Go Girl. “I usually wear a lot of black.”

Sweater: Free People
Jacket and Pants: Thrifted

Sasha Ma.


Sasha’s neon hat caught our eye on an otherwise dreary day. It’s nice to see a pop of bright color in the dead of winter. This college student is in her first your studying public relations. When it comes to fashion, Sasha says she loves to shop at Forever 21, Free People, and Nordstrom.

“My style really depends on how I’m feeling that day,” she told Go Girl, “Sometimes I dress a bit more hipster, and on other days I dress hippie.”

Hat: Zumiez
Sweater: American Eagle
Bag: Rossetti NY

Tyne Ri.


Go Girl met Tyne on the University of Oregon campus in between classes. Animal print is a growing trend, and we love to see a cute zebra print piece! Tyne is studying human physiology with the hopes of someday going to medical school. She’s most interested in getting involved with women’s health because she feels that it’s a hot issue that needs her support.

“I feel like the most impact I can make is through women’s health,” she told Go Girl. “I want to make a difference.”

Sweater: Forever 21
Hat: Charlotte Russe


Kenneth Cole trendy patterned swing trench coat, Tall brown lace up boots


Nancy loves clothing, and admits to a bountiful wardrobe. She is often asked where she finds the items she wears, and how she puts things together. She loves to wear eye-catching combinations, such as this boldly-patterned trench coat with tall lace-up boots. She typically finds her favorite pieces in boutiques on Capitol Hill in Seattle and always looks for trendy, unique items.

“Even when I was little, I would put things together. I really love to create outfits. I think it’s just always been a big part of who I am!”

Trench Coat: Kenneth Cole
Boots: Papaya

Vintage & designer pieces; mixing colors, patterns. Fun, vibrant, style!


Annie, eye-catching and vibrant, had just left an interview for a position in fashion when Go Girl spotted her. Confident and cordial, she happily shared thoughts with us in regard to her personal style. Annie loves to combine designer labels with vintage pieces, mixing patterns and color in a striking way. She usually has to tell herself to take a few pieces off before she leaves the house!

“It’s already been a great day,” she told Go Girl. “This just made it even better!”

Coat: Vintage at Armadillo Consignment in Seattle
Blouse: vintage Equipment at Armadillo Consignment
Charcoal knit wool blazer: Halogen at Nordstrom
Skirt: vintage
Shoes: Dolce Vita
Clutch: B.P at Nordstrom
Earrings, Necklace, Patterned Tights: Nordstrom

Beibei Ch


It’s easy to see that this young lady has a classic style that is appropriate for business and casual interactions. Beibei loves to watch movies with her friends, and go shopping for fresh fruits and veggies at the local markets. She says she doesn’t really rely on one style, but a blend of many looks to get a uniquely Beibei style.

“I just want to wear things that are in fashion,” she told Go Girl, “I don’t love any one style.”

Bag: Michael Kors
Sweater: Abercrombie & Fitch


Anna He.


Anna is a Portland girl studying public relations; a former cross country runner, Anna enjoys running along the river path and taking part in the running culture that has made her current location of Eugene, OR famous. It’s called “Track Town USA” for a reason! When it comes to fashion, Anna isn’t afraid to make a bold move by wearing bright colors. She caught our eye because of her bright red coat!

“I wear what I feel comfortable in,” she told Go Girl. “I’m not sure that I follow any trends, I just wear what I like.”

Jacket: Guess
Bag: Jessica Simpson at Nordstrom


Linda Br.


Linda loves the creative challenge that arises when working backstage in theater. She especially likes to work on designing sets and costumes; she wants to study theater in school. Linda also likes to go on photo walks all over the city, and do extreme sports like rafting and snowboarding.

“My style changes day to day,” she told Go Girl. “I dabble into many styles.”

Shirt: Old Navy
Jacket: Columbia Sportswear
Lipstick: Sephora

Bold blue top shop back-zipper dress, Ugg Boots, Blazer


A tomboy at heart, McKenzie admits that she is an activewear fanatic. A few years ago, however, she decided to adopt a more feminine style. Heavily influenced by Rachel Zoe and Haute Hippie, she describes her own style as “refined hippie”, and gravitates to beautiful hand-beaded, sequined pieces. (She also requested we please disregard her Ugg Boots – she had just thrown them on for a comfy break from the gorgeously painful leopard print shoes she’s really wearing today!)

“Rachel Zoe is so fab, I’m obsessed with her because she is so amazing – drop-dead gorgeous every day.”

Satin-lined Blazer: 14th & Union
Dressr: Top Shop
Tights: Nordstrom Rack
Bracelet & Rings: Tiffany & Co
Necklace: BP Nordstrom
Earrings: Nordstrom

And we think her BFF Tyler was looking pretty great, too:
Henley: Lacoste
Jacket: Theory
Belt: Salvatore Ferragamo
Spanish Leather Shoes: Magnanni

Montana Ca.


Montana is a foxy redhead with a passion for filmmaking. She works for a production company, and loves going on commercial shoots. Montana mixes name brands with simple basics from Target or H&M.

“My style is comfortable and functional for when I’m on a shoot, but still stylish and professional,” she told Go Girl.

Boots: Guess
Jacket: Marc Jacobs

Yi Ti.


Yi is originally from a city near Shanghai, and is studying at the University of Oregon. Her international style makes her stand out from the crowd; we love her platform shoes! After studying, Yi likes to watch movies and shop with her friends. She’s very interested in learning about the Japanese culture.

“I hope to travel to Japan after college,” she told Go Girl. “I love watching Japanese cartoons on my free time.”

Shoes: T.U.K.
Coat: Topshop


Sonja El


Sonja caught our eye because of her cute, long skirt. It’s a daring choice for a 37 degree morning in Oregon, but we love the look. Sonja is a product design major, and she also dances hip hop and is in a design club. In her free time, she likes to knit.

“Last winter I decided that I really wanted a nice hand-knit scarf, but I didn’t want to pay over $80 for one. So, I learned how!” she told Go Girl.

Boots: Nordstrom
Skirt: H&M
Jacket: Forever 21
Scarf: Knit by Sonja