Spunky, creative, and with an easy laugh, Amanda worked as a tattoo artist and a makeup artist while working toward a contemporary literature and creative writing degree. Her tattoo is a result of her senior dissertation, which quotes Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven. With that, and the style of the retail shop she’s working in, you’d expect her to have an edgier look, maybe featuring a lot of black, but she says she sticks to softer colors, flowy fabrics, and a more Bohemian vibe.

She changes her style to suit the atmosphere of the store she works in, though. “It’s nice to explore, to get into different realms of fashion,” she told Go Girl.

Cardigan sweater: BKE Boutique by Buckle
Basic cami: Maurices
Ultra high-waist jeggings: Garage
Half suede booties: Express
Handmade organic oak plugs: Etsy

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