Brook loves her job, and who wouldn’t? She’s surrounded by cupcakes and happy people all day long. She’s a Culinary graduate from the Art Institute of Seattle, but we are hot for that red lipstick! Amazing, right? She says she dresses for comfort and for what is washable – she’s consumed by coffee and frosting at work, so she definitely has to consider that when she chooses her clothing. Really, though, the shoes are what does it for her!

“Shoes are my weakness. I have so many pairs of boots. It drives my boyfriend crazy! I can get on board with the sandals in the summer, but I wear boots all year long.”

Tribal print cardigan: Urban Outfitters
Butterfly necklace: Etsy
Silk top and jeans: Nordstrom
Boots: JustFab
Red lipstick: Makeup Forever #8 at Sephora


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