Caitlin and Jenn are sisters with a similar passion: their pooches! Caitlin is a professional dog walker; and the two can be seen strolling through the streets together almost everyday. Jenn describes her style as indie/bohemian, and Caitlin’s main goal is to wear clothes that she is comfortable in while walking her dogs.

“Staying warm is a must,” Caitlin told GoGirl, “This morning I put on as many warm layers as I could.”


Caitlin (with “King”, left):

Boots: Ugg
Jeans: Mother
Coat: REI
Sweater: Columbia Sportswear
Hat: Charter Club (Macy’s)

Jenn (with “Jenga”, right)

Boots: Steve Madden
Jacket: Merrell
Scarf: Moule
Hat: Gypsy Chic

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