We did a double take when we saw Christina walking past a row of stores. From afar, it appeared that she had taken a black marker and had written all over her legs. A second look showed that she was wearing gold Ouija Board-printed leggings from Australian company Black Milk Clothing.

“I’m obsessed with them,” Christina told Go Girl. “They have a huge following.”

“I wear leggings a lot — and they’re all like crazy patterns — with big baggy sweaters over them. They’re really, really comfortable. I’ve got peacock feathered ones and ones with the periodic table on them. They’re unique and comfortable.”

We were also fascinated by Christina’s earrings, which she told us she made using vintage buttons from an antique shop glued onto¬†wooden gauges.

Leggings: Black Milk Clothing
Sweater: Urban Outfitters
Combat boots: Boutique

$5 off