Surprising as it may seem, this is Dian on a “casual” day. For this recent art school graduate, fashion is her “work” and “play,” and she’s got an outfit for all occasions. A sales associate at a trendy San Francisco boutique, Dian is also a proud Capricorn, the zodiac sign most noted for practicality, a quality she mixes well with her playfulness.

“How I dress depends on how I feel, whether it’s girly or punk,” Dian told Go Girl. “Today, I wanted to be really comfortable but I usually love dressing up, especially for work. Lately, I’ve been really into grungy stuff — it’s all back to the ‘90s and I’m loving it.”

Sweater & Pants: Weston Wear
Shoes: Y.R.U.
Glasses: vintage, thrift store

$5 off