We met Maya while hiking in San Diego. Her bright, cheerful outfit caught our eye and Go Girl just had to stop her to find out more about her style. We learned that Maya is an avid rock climber, an artist, and a student.

“My style is actually hard to explain — just kind of form meets function,” says Maya who gets inspiration from figures like Frida Kahlo, native American styles, and Pinterest. “I like vintage pieces and things that I can spontaneously go on hikes in, but are still cute. I love color. I love embroidery. I love things from different countries.”

“I just got these Birkenstocks, and I’m so excited about them. I’m actually a rock climber and all my friends on the rock climbing team have them and I was the only one without them. They’re just so comfortable.”

Scarf: Forever 21
Shirt: Thrifted from Buffalo Exchange
Shorts: Pink Zone
Bracelets: Mexico and Venice
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

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