Megan was downtown shopping for bridesmaids dresses with her friend (robin’s egg blue/teal-blue chiffon, for those of you who will want to know). She says she goes through a lot of clothes, although she doesn’t have that many at one time; she likes to cycle through them, while hanging on to a few favorite pieces. She’s fond of silk vintage numbers and she looks to celebrities for style inspiration.

“I look at Beyonce, but I don’t really copy her. If I could pull off Rihanna’s look, I would for sure, especially the red lips. I would say that my staples are probably more like Jennifer Aniston’s – you know how she wears jeans and boots and a jacket with a scarf? My look’s a little edgier than hers. My staples are a t-shirt, jeans, a jacket and a scarf, a high bun and red lips.”

Jacket:  Forever 21
Scarf: Etsy
Boots: Nordstrom


$5 off