Chances are good that if you run into Paige, she’ll be wearing a piece of turquoise. She told Go Girl that her mother brings her turquoise jewelry from all over the country. Her necklace, she says, is from a store in Lake Arrowhead about two hours north of San Diego.

Paige says she used to look at a lot of blogs for her style inspiration but now, “it’s kind of nice just to do my own thing.”

“I like to wear baggy clothes. That’s all I like to wear. It’s not that I’m uncomfortable with my body, it’s just that I like the way it looks. I’ve got smaller legs, so doing baggier on top is what I feel most comfortable in.”

Turquoise necklace: gift
Rings: Tiffany & Co and Dreamgirls
Boots, sweater, cut-off shorts: Dreamsgirls

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