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Drink For The Taste. Drink For The Cause.

Go Girl Equals

Go Girl Energy is dedicated to providing you a low calorie, healthier alternative beverage to satisfy your daily needs. Whether you need an extra boost of energy to help you get up in the morning, complete that load of laundry that you been putting off, or a pick-me-up to make it through the late night party, Go Girl is drinks down… the better choice.

Do you enjoy a cup of orange juice with breakfast? Try drinking a Sweetie Grapefruit Go Girl instead and avoid the extra calories. One glass of OJ is on average 150 calories, you could drink 4 Sweetie Grapefruits for the caloric price of an OJ and you get the added bonus of energy and a mild appetite suppressant.

Even a smoothie seems like a great breakfast alternative, but don’t fool yourself, you’re drinking an average of 300 calories for a 16 oz. serving. Not that Go Girl is an alternative for breakfast, but one smoothie is equal to 60 Sugar Free Go Girls calorie wise.

How about that sports drink or soda you are drinking… just for the taste? Try drinking a Go Girl; you’ll save your body the calories and the sugar. You’ll even refuel your body with B vitamins and calcium. Then you’ll be drinking for the Cause and for the taste.

And when you are off work looking for a beverage to relax you, don’t grab that bottle of wine and pop the cork. Pop the top on a cold Go Girl and add it to a splash of vodka. A glass of wine will put you at 105 calories and you know it never seems to stop filling itself. A 5 calorie Go Girl combined with the already low calorie shot of vodka is a great alternative to add to your night out with the girls, or a Friday night in with dinner and a movie.

Adding Go Girl Energy to your daily life is an easy way to watch your calories, but also contribute to a good cause. You'll feel better knowing you have enough energy to get through the day and a healthier outlook on life.