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You spoke and we listened! Our family has grown by three. We’ve given our new Go Girl energy drinks cleaner ingredients, three fun and refreshing new flavors, and our new Go Girl Energy Blend with naturally sourced caffeine from green coffee and tea that will keep you powered through the day!
B12 & B6
Inulin Fiber
Natural Caffeine
Cane Sugar
Raspberry Lemonade
Luscious lemon meets the sweet taste of berries
Fresh and perfectly ripe raspberries with a splash of lemonade create this refreshing take on a summertime favorite. Best served chilled while soaking up the sun on a boat or next to the pool!
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Grapefruit Honeysuckle
Refreshing grapefruit with a kiss of honey
Layers of juicy pink grapefruit and floral honeysuckle blossoms join together for a delicately sweet experience. It’s the best flavor for a warm afternoon in the sunshine, when you need a bit of a pep in your step to complete the day!
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Key Lime Ginger
Ginger zing added to fresh key lime
The sweet zing of ginger blended with a kiss of key lime gives this bright citrus beverage its flavor. It’s the perfect can to grab when you need a bit of pre-workout energy and don’t want to feel overly full!
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Original Sugar Free
New look, same great drink you've loved for 15 years
Sugar-free with a bit of a bubbly personality! Sweet berries blended with just a touch of carbonation make this a fruit-flavored float in a can. Let’s be real - this flavor is great any time, any place.

Original Sugar Free is made with taurine, B vitamins, and a mild herbal appetite suppressant.
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Empowering women everyday

Our mission has always been to raise awareness and funding for the pink ribbon causes of breast and ovarian cancer - and that mission is no different today. For many years we successfully supported these causes but today, we are driven to amplify that support of women and aid more amazing causes and dynamic organizations across the world.
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Go Girl isn't just a drink - it's a way of life! We are inspired every day by our fans, our team at HQ, and the world around us...all of which influence our drink flavors, can design, and everything about the company. Learn about some of the ladies who motivate and drive us, the cocktails we love to mix with our energy drinks, and more!
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