The Cause


Empowered Women-Empower Women

Meet Go Girl Energy, the premier energy drink made for women, but consumed by all. We’re currently offered in two flavors, Our Flagship- Original Sugar Free, a lightly carbonated, 5 calorie, sweet berry blend of pink goodness, and our crisp, refreshing Peach Tea is naturally sweetened with agave nectar and fueled with Yerba Mate tea. 

We’re made by women with the goal to support other women, in all that you do. Through every milestone, moment and memory, we want to be there with you. Whether that’s giving you the extra boost of energy, or that special treat-just for you, we’re your girls, and we want what’s best for you and your community.

Since our start, we’ve vowed to support women, donating proceeds of every sale to fight breast and ovarian cancer; two cancers that deeply effect our communities and hearts, mothers, sisters, aunts and friends.

But just like you, were more than that too! We’re expanding our support and pressing play on Go Girl empowerment!

Our products contain the best, sourced ingredients on the market, because we know what’s important. Each girl has vitamin B and Calcium, is gluten free, kosher and vegan.

We want to have strong roots in the community and pay it forward by providing an energetic force for women to be bold, to be brave; to grind, to glow, and of course…go.

We’re talking about women of all shapes, sizes and social barriers. We’re here to be your best friend, confidant, partner in crime and provide the encouragement to leap into your next great adventure.

Go Girl has been around since 2006, and is proudly produced by its owner, Nor-Cal Beverage Co. Inc., a women owned enterprise and family owned company for the past 80 years. Go Girl has been through many phases, with her look and style, but as of now, she has found her place in the space of empowering women to be their best selves.  We’re focused on growing our presence on Instagram to strengthen the Go Girl community and inspire all at the same time. We’ve invested in developing a new website that is modern and friendlier to users. We’re excited about our future and the changes that are in store for 2019 and beyond.