Go Girl Peach Tea


Go Girl Peach Tea

Go Girl Peach Tea is your new favorite tea! This all natural energy drink is a smooth way to vitalize your day. The caffeine from Yerba Maté tea leaves gives you that get up and go without the jitters. Yerba Maté evenly distributes the caffeine through your body, making way for that blissful feeling.

Bliss is just a sip away!

Go Girl Peach Tea is sweetened with agave and is only 35 calories! It also contains Super Citrimax®, a mild herbal appetite suppressant.

Go Girl Peach Tea is:

  • Non-carbonated
  • Best when served chilled
  • All Natural
  • Contained in a cute orange can
  • Wonderfully peachy
  • Proudly displays the pink ribbon supporting breast cancer research and awareness

What People Are Saying

“I love this drink!”
-Denise, Yuba City CA

“Raising more money for Breast Cancer by expanding this great flavored drink out east would not only benefit your cause but benefit those who would experience what I have and fall in love with Go Girl!!”
– Marcy, Harrisburg PA

“I buy Go Girl energy drinks at least 4 times a week. The flavor is AWESOME!!!”
-Sabrina, Modesto CA

“I start every day off with GoGirl and often find myself drinking another towards the end of my day to get me through my studying. So, I just wanted to thank you for creating an energy drink actually works, that tastes great and has ingredients that benefit me, as a young woman.”
-Lindsey, Modesto CA

“I don’t drink energy drinks, but I love tea. I gave Go Girl Peach Tea a try and turns out, I love it too!!”
-Veronica, Phoenix AZ