What makes Go Girl Clean Energy a healthy energy drink?

Our ingredient panel is simple and does not contain any artificial colors or flavors. Each Go Girl Clean Energy drink has 25 carefully thought out calories. Go Girl’s ingredient panel includes: Vitamin B6 – 250%, Vitamin B12 – 80%, Magnesium – 10%, and Niacin 100% of daily intake. It is also Keto-friendly, includes 3g Inulin Fiber, Green Tea, Green Coffee, Ginseng and just 4g of cane sugar.

Is Go Girl only for women?

Absolutely not! We were founded by women and are made by women, but men love us too! Nothing in the drink is "female-only" — if you love them, drink them!

Do you offer discount codes?

You'll have to follow us on social media to find out! We do offer discount codes periodically throughout the year for our email and social media communities. Make sure to connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, and join our mailing list!

How can I be in upcoming marketing campaigns?

We love that you want to represent Go Girl Energy! We do feature our current customers for photoshoots and marketing campaigns because we want to highlight the real women who love Go Girl Energy! Send us a DM on Instagram and we'll get back to you about upcoming campaigns.

Is Go Girl gluten-free?


Is Go Girl vegan?


Do your products come into contact with nuts during manufacturing or are they made in a nut-free facility?


Why can’t I find Peach Tea in stores or online?

We have decided to take Peach Tea out of production to make room for some new and exciting things. We still have the recipe and will revisit bringing Peach Tea back in the future.

Why can’t I find GoGirl at my local store?

We work closely with our retail partners. If you are not finding GoGirl at your local store, please contact Customer Care and our squad will let you know where our nearest partner is to you.

My order has not arrived. Where is my product?

Our chosen courier currently picks up from our warehouse Mondays and Thursdays. We provide free 7-day shipping on all orders; the tracking number is emailed to you at the time of producing the shipping label. If you have not received your package within that time frame, please contact Customer Care and we will assist you.

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