Nor-Cal Beverage Co. Inc. was established in 1937 by Roy and Margaret (the Original “Go Girl”) Deary as the Hires Bottling Co. of Sacramento.  In the beginning, the company employed less than two dozen people, and made approximately 20,000 cases of product per year. Today, Nor-Cal Beverage has grown to over 600 employees and makes over 60 million cases of products for customers worldwide.

In 1963, Roy and Margaret’s sons, Grant and Don Deary, continued the legacy dedicating their lives to maintaining a family-owned, independently operated bottling and distribution organization. Hires Bottling Company became Nor-Cal Beverage Company in 1974 and through the years it has grown from a small independent bottler, located in West Sacramento, into two large manufacturing facilities located in both Northern and Southern California. We’ve shifted from traditional soft drinks to become the West-Coast’s largest independent beverage co-packer. We are also a well-respected equipment solutions provider.

Hires Bottling Nor-Cal BeverageRoy Grant II, Roy Grant I, Donald Deary Deary Family Gen 1 and 2

Today the company continues to be family run, and in 2010 Shannon Deary-Bell became the President, CEO and Chairman of the Board.  She along with her brother Timothy Deary, Executive Vice President of Transportation and Logistics, and their cousin Grant Deary Executive Vice President of Marketing and External Affairs, and COO, Mike Snowball run the day to day operations of the company.

Nor-Cal Beverage Co., Inc. is one of the few family businesses that has successfully made it to the third-generation leadership and is currently cultivating its fourth-generation leaders.  Nor-Cal employees have always been treated as extended family, too. We treat everyone here with care and respect, and that’s a fundamental part of our business.

Grant Deary, Shannon Deary Bell, Mike Snowball, Tim Deary

We have achieved our success in large part because we have earned a reputation for being one of the most reliable and high quality manufactures in the industry.  Our commitment to our customers and community has become our trademark. We take pride in delivering the “right product, at the right cost at the right time.”

Go Girl is owned and produced by Nor Cal Beverage Co., Inc. Go Girl Sugar Free Energy Drink first launched in Sacramento, California in September of 2005.